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Hawkins's Happy Hunting Hut. Darcy busts in and tells Hawkins that Jimmy told Beck about the Sarah Mason/Hawkins connection. Hawkins flares his lips irritably and asks what other beans Jimmy spilled. Jimmy didn't say much else, because he still thinks that Hawkins is undercover FBI. Hawkins tells Darcy that if Beck contacts the FBI, they're going to say they don't know who Hawkins is. Okay, fine. In any other regular non-splitting-the-country-down-the-middle situation I'd believe that. However, are we to take from this that the FBI is with Cheyenne? Because it's not like Beck could call the FBI in the East and expect to get info out of them when he's working to support the Usurper President, right? I know Valente is DHS, but CIA and FBI are not under DHS jurisdiction. Darcy panics about Beck coming to get Hawkins and how they have to run away with the kids. Hawkins calms her down and says that if they run, they won't get far. "Then what are we going to do?" Darcy whimpers. Don't worry: the Hawkins Lips of Planning are as active as Nero Wolfe's. He'll think of something. Just a note: I love Hawkins. I love any scene with Hawkins in it. However, I'm getting slightly fatigued by these Darcy scenes. I know that Darcy is sort of a liability with Hawkins now, and it makes him conflicted about certain actions, but she's becoming very one-note. Then again, it may be because these scenes make me miss Allison, the junior bad-ass.

Hawkins storms into Beck's office and announces, "I'm Robert Hawkins." Beck gets on his stony wary-face. Hawkins pulls out his credentials and says, "I'm with the FBI. I really don't mean to start off on the wrong foot, but you're killing my investigation." It's the way Lennie James makes his voice go up when he says "investigation," all "why you gotta do that, man?" that seals the genius of his offensive tactic.

After the break, Hawkins goes on to say that he's been on this investigation for months, but now Beck's mucking things up by plastering Sarah's face all over town. Beck stands his steely-eyed ground and says that he ran Hawkins's name through the FBI database and there's no record of him. See, how did he get access? I'd think the secession of the Western states might necessitate an intelligence lockout. Ah, but Hawkins clarifies all of this for me (because he's awesome), by saying, "Well, I'm not in Cheyenne's FBI database." Beck wonders why. Hawkins fixes him with a look. "I haven't registered with Cheyenne and I don't think I will," Hawkins says, with so much double meaning that it drives me into a frenzy of inexplicable "HELL, no he won't!"-ness. Hawkins goes on to say that his bosses in Columbus, OH are the ones who sent him to find Sarah Mason. See, Hawkins is lying, but he's not. The good side of the CIA -- the ones not affected by Valente -- are in Columbus. Hawkins goes on to say that when he finds Sarah Mason, it will be the Columbus boys who get her. Beck leans over his desk and tells Hawkins that the government of Cheyenne isn't a state of mind: "On this side of the river, it is the law. You obstruct it for the benefit of another nation? We call that treason." Hawkins tosses off Beck's threat and says that he's way more concerned with catching a terrorist than he is in "playing politics." I love how he undercuts Cheyenne by basically equating it with Weeble-Wobbles. (At least in my mind. Maybe it's Valente's head.) Hawkins adds that he thinks Beck is more concerned with catching Sarah Mason than he is with the politics thing. Beck rises warily up from his accusatory lean. Hawkins goes on to say that, judging by his methods, Beck could use Hawkins's FBI help. Beck examines the FBI badge and hands it back to Hawkins. He wants Darcy out of his office, and he wants to know what Hawkins knows.

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