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Jake Goetz Mad

Mayor's office. Eric tells Jake that he's been pushing the army, but that no one can do anything about Goetz: "It's like he's completely above the law." "Goetz isn't. Ravenwood is," Jake tells him curtly and then explains few hard facts. He uses small words so that Eric will be sure to understand. Ravenwood is J&R's private army, and anything that J&R does is judged by a different set of rules. Eric admits that he's afraid to ask (because he's a pussy), but says he does want to know how Jake knows so much. Eric, remember in Rogue River? No, before you were the wallet-leaving buttmunch, who was directly responsible for leading Goetz straight to Jericho and thence to New Bern. Remember when Jake told you he was in Iraq and you DIDN'T ask him a thing about it? Okay, well, I sort of lost track of my point here, but I'm pretty sure that it boiled down to the fact that you are the munchiest of butts, who should know more about his brother. Jake says that he was hauling supplies for J&R in Iraq. Eric sighs and gets all judgy-face. Wow, Eric, it's almost as if you didn't cheat on your wife who then died from complications with and from your baby. It's almost as though you have forgotten every time Jake has saved your whiny, Daddy's-boy ass. Jake pleads with his brother to hear him out, shakily explaining, "One day in Iraq, our convoy was ambushed. A couple of our guys were killed. We had no rules of engagement, and we had seen the village they fell back to. So we just...we just went in. And we started shooting." Jake starts crying. Eric stands up and starts disapproving. "When it was done there were six gunmen dead along with four bystanders," says Jake. "One of them was a twelve-year-old girl." Jake holds up a silencing finger as he collects himself: "The only reason I tell you this is that there were no repercussions. None. The army had no authority over us; the police didn't. Most of the guys, they just went back to their jobs. The company? The company wanted it quiet, so it was." Quiet as a rape. Jake stands up and asks whether Eric comprehends whom they are dealing with. "These guys, they don't answer to anybody," Jake says, spelling it out for his Slow Donnie of a brother. Eric tries to say that Jericho isn't Iraq. Don't fool yourself, Eric; the Usurper President is Paul Bremer, and you all are the beaten-down insurgents. Jake tells him, "The rules are the same."

Emily greets Frodale as he arrives at his store with a shipment of goods. Of course, the Mitchell-murdering Frodale is now way too hardcore to actually be polite to Emily and say "hi" back, but he does tell her that all his new merchandise is from Missouri and Nebraska. "I've been hitting the big trading posts," he brags. Suddenly -- and I hate that I made this comparison -- Frodale is the blockade-running Rhett Butler of this Gone With The Nuclear Wind drama. Emily points at a pallet of stuff and asks what it is. Frodale tells her that it's the Hudson River Virus vaccine. "Yeah, but the virus ended at the Mississippi," Emily says complacently. Frodale explains that he came across a military-quarantined trading post, and when he asked around in the next town, scuttlebutt was that there was an outbreak of the HRV. He got the vaccine from the black market. Normally, you'd say, "I got this on the black market." Not "from." Frodale says it like the black market is an actual place, rather than an operation. "Did you see they put in a new black market? Yeah, it's next to the Whole Foods. They're selling local tomatoes and organic eggs!" Frodale says that the quarantined trading post was in Missouri, a hundred miles west of the Mississippi. "Okay," Emily whispers.

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