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Jake Goetz Mad

Police department. Jake stands there, looking busy as Hawkins comes out of Beck's office. In an undertone, Jake demands to know what Hawkins is doing there. Poor Jake, he's gotta have a Pavlovian response to Hawkins's appearance. It means that bad and dangerous things are about to happen. He's all, "Skippy-doo, tweedle-dee, isn't it a nice day in Jeri-- aw, shit, there's Hawkins!" Also in an undertone and also pretending to be busy, Hawkins says that Beck wants his help on the Sarah Mason case, and that he's getting a copy of the John Doe autopsy. That's not what Jake means. Hawkins drops the hedging and says that Jimmy talked and told Beck that Hawkins was FBI. "You seem awfully calm about it," Jake says nervously. Hawkins isn't sure he has an alternative because he can't run: "The only way out of it is through it." "So what's the plan?" Jake asks, knowing that Hawkins always has a plan. Hawkins says that he's trying to suss out whether Beck is willing to hear the truth about the people he's working for. "And if he's not?" Jake asks. Well, then Hawkins will kill him. "Then nothing I say will matter," Hawkins responds. "He'll call his bosses and tell them I am here." And then you'll kill him, right? "And when Valente finds out that I'm alive..." Hawkins lets Jake imagine the end of that sentence, which might still end with him killing Beck. Not that I want Beck dead, mind you; it's just that Hawkins is so awesome at doing it.

Over at J&R, Bonnie and Trish have a little confab during which Trish attempts to bring Bonnie into the J&R cult by telling her how great Cheyenne is and how much she'd love working for J&R.

Frodale's store. Goetz goons from J&R cart off boxes of Frodale's merchandise. "I paid for this stuff, you can't just take it away," Frodale whines to Goetz. "You're absolutely right," Goetz handles. Boy, how did word get around to J&R so fast? It's gotta be that there's some crankypants old biddy in Jericho who is going up to J&R shaking her cane and being all querulous: "I just thought that you should know that there's a young, purple-lipped scallywag who is al'ays selling stolen goods from that there store that Gracie used to have. And if you ask me, the way he come by that store is mighty suspicious. MIGHTY suspicious! And he doesn't cut his hair, neither! That boy is a hippie! He's probably smoking some of that mary-ja-wanna every night, too!" She's also the one who writes long letters to the newspaper -- the Jericho Cryer (which, coincidentally, is also Jake's nickname) -- complaining about potholes and poop on her lawn. Jake arrives on the scene and demands to know what's going on. Goetz tells Jake that he's just confiscating some contraband. Goetz -- trying to be all nudge-nudge, wink-wink about it -- says that he's willing to overlook most of it, but that at the end of the day, he's got a paycheck to justify. Frodale, who has been pacing irritably all this time, asks Goetz to leave the meds. "The meds are the worst part of it," Goetz explains. "Unregistered pharmaceuticals could be tainted -- even cause an outbreak." Well, we wouldn't want an outbreak, now, would we? Goetz goes on to say that all of Frodale's vaccines will be shipped to Cheyenne and destroyed, and if Jericho needs meds in the future, J&R will issue a "safe supply." "Thanks for your help, Sheriff," Goetz says, and leaves. Emily rolls her eyes. Jake tells Frodale not to worry about it; Goetz didn't take that much. "It's not how much he took, it's what he took," Frodale explains. Emily tells Jake and Eric that there's something they need to hear.

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