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Jake Goetz Mad

Somewhere in a warehouse by the railroad tracks, Jake paces and frets. Frodale finally arrives, carrying the vaccine in coolers. Jake orders Frodale to divide the vaccines up among the trucks and send them to their designated locations. Once they're secure, they'll spread the word around town. How are they going to tell the dim-witted denizens, "Shut your friggin' pie hole, Jericho, we're trying to save your lives?" Because, see crankypants old biddy above. Jake backs out of the room, saying that Kenchy was supposed to be there thirty minutes ago. Also, see the sheep who applauded the Usurper President who put their flag, country, and constitution to rest.

In the Med Center, poor Kenchy sits in a chair and repeats his assertion that his supplies are a routine matter. Goetz says that he's trying to resolve all of this in a civilized manner, but that Kenchy is making it difficult. "Well, you may be wearing civilian clothes, but you're anything but civilized," Kenchy snarks. Goetz leans down to Kenchy and says, "I know you. The hospital in Rogue River -- you were the ER doc." Kenchy says, "I saw what you did to those people. I know what you are." Goetz stands up to ask him one more time, "Where are the vaccines?" Kenchy is silent. "Okay," Goetz says. "Now let's talk about how uncivilized I can be."

Beck stalks into his office. Hawkins asks him what the prints turned up. Nothing. They're classified. Top Secret. "Mason or John Doe?" Hawkins asks. Both. Hawkins nods sagely and leans forward. Beck says that he's going to call DHS because there must be some sort of mistake. He lifts up his phone, but Hawkins puts his fingers over the hang-up plunger. "It is not a mistake," Hawkins tells him. "Get your hand off the phone," Beck orders. "Okay," Hawkins agrees, "but don't you realize that you just stepped on a land mine?" Beck slams the phone back in its cradle and sighs, "What are you talking about?" Hawkins explains: two individuals, two classified files. One killed the other in a professional hit, and that killer has avoided capture for months in the face of a full-scale manhunt. "Come on, Major," Hawkins urges. "You're not hunting a terrorist, you're hunting a spook." Hawkins goes on to say that the files would not be locked unless both were formerly involved with a covert agency. "There are plenty of valid reasons for a terrorist file to be sealed," Beck says, but he sort of trails off at the end, so you can tell he doesn't really believe it himself. Hawkins agrees that there are, but Beck has orders to kill on sight, doesn't he? "My orders are my orders," Beck mumbles to his chest. Hawkins says, "Well, they want you to find her and kill her before you find out what you're involved in. You call your bosses and you tell them that you are even onto a scent of it and they will remove you from the situation. Or worse." Beck thinks. Next moment, he calls out to his office to get him Valente on the conference screen. Hawkins pauses before jumping up and telling Beck to ask Valente whether Sarah Mason ever worked for the government. "Step out," Beck orders. "You just ask him," Hawkins insists. "Because he will either say, 'Yes,' and explain her involvement in your investigation, or he will say, 'No.' If he says 'No,' then understand: you have just stumbled into a government conspiracy that will stop at nothing to protect itself." Hawkins leaves Beck's office.

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