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The Crawling Hand
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Previously: Scouts from Jericho were sent out in "every direction." Except up. Emily and Jake reminded us that this is a show about, and for, people who really like corn. I hope that clip becomes the new "Handsome man saved me from the monsters."

We start out at the "compound" we heard about last week. It looks like a big warehouse-ish building with some adjoining sheds and trailers. A guy named Pete strolls into an area outside where a few guys are working on a truck, and asks for Jonah. Pete announces that Mitchell was arrested. He explains about their horse-thievery. Jonah keeps working on the engine as he says, "Well, Mitchell is an idiot." Pete adds that the horses they took belong to Dad, and nervously mentions that Mom got "knocked around a little -- not bad though!" Jonah stands up with a stern expression, and grabs a propane torch as he approaches Pete. He holds the flaming torch casually, and asks whose idea it was to take the horses. Pete says that it was Mitchell's idea, and whimpers an apology. Jonah turns the torch off, and then quickly presses the nozzle against Pete's cheek. Pete yelps, and Jonah says, "Apology accepted, Captain Needa." Or the first part, anyway. Jonah marches away, and I think that I'd much rather watch a show about these people. Or at least about Jonah. I admit, his flunkies seem about as dumb as the townsfolk, but at least Jonah himself seems competent.

Cut to Jericho, where people are setting up Halloween decorations on a closed-off part of Main Street. I can sorta accept this as being something they decided to do because it'd be a little bit of normalcy for the kids. Though I'd like to see a scene where some parents have to discourage their children from dressing up as anything that might get them mistaken for a zombie.

Cut to the jail. Mitchell is singing, "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain" to creep people out. "The Teddy Bear's Picnic" works better. Good Cop tells him to quit it, and Mitchell smirks and asks where Jake is. Good Cop explains that Jake's feverishly working on his "Captain Jake Swallow" costume, and Mitchell says that when Jonah turns up, he'll want to speak with Jake. Good Cop says, "Whatever." Mitchell goes on trying to be ominous that everyone better be ready for when Jonah arrives, and then Good Cop gets bored and wanders off.

Mayor's office. Jake and Eric are sitting there, deep in thought. Finally, Eric breaks the silence, saying, "But how does noncommutative geometry affect K-theory?" No, no, they're reminiscing about candy. Eric recalls that Jake would trick or treat in multiple costumes so he could hit the same house several times. Jake says that everyone but Eric did the same thing. I'm not sure that's less work than just walking a little farther and going to new houses, but whatever.

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