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Weekend At New Bernie

Factory. Using a nice long silencer, Hawkins shoots the driver of a truck filled with mortars and boosts the truck.

Eric is again wrestled from the cell.

Hawkins checks the back of the truck and gloats over all the mortars. After determining that there isn't anyone hiding back there, Hawkins climbs in and pulls two out.

Screaming at him not to shoot, Maggie worms her way back to Constantino.

Hawkins rigs the two mortars in the truck's engine.

Inside Town Hall, Maggie babbles that Hawkins is on his way to the factory to blow it up, and then he's coming to Town Hall to blow it up to free Jake and Eric. Connie scoffs at her story. Maggie is shoved back into a cell, but she manages to snag something off of the guard in the struggle. Her nose is streaming, and she has a large bruise across her cheekbone. She wasn't like that when she was on the steps of Town Hall, so I guess she's been "interrogated." Maggie keeps up her act of being on Connie's side so she can stay in New Bern. Alluding to how quickly she turned on Jake, Connie snarls that he doesn't believe a word that comes out of her mouth and stalks off. Maggie fingers the cell keys.

Jake is dragged into the interrogation room, and we can see the Cot Spring Of Torture with jumper cables attached to it. Doing a little Saddam-ing in here, are we, boys? Not sure how happy Mary will be to hear that. Jake is shoved into a chair facing Eric the Bloody. "Get him outta here," Eric older-brothers. Somehow, I think Jake can take it, Eric, but thanks for playing. In order to get more info out of Eric, one of the deputies holds a straight blade to Jake's exposed throat. Eric screams and bounces around.

Dad arrives at his car parked at the checkpoint barricade.

Hawkins arrives back at the factory, calmly gets out of the truck, and secures the steering wheel.

Jake still has a blade to his throat. Eric continues to scream and jump in his chair. Perkins bellows, "How do you defeat Ravenwood? Tell me!" Well, if you're an eleventh-level Paladin, you have the ability to breathe underwater. But only if you have enough health points. So maybe you should concentrate on being a Cleric and use the dead as reinforcements. Jake orders Eric to look at him, "Don't tell him anything." Eric calms down.

Hawkins puts a heavy metal box on the gas. The truck revs impatiently. Hawkins yanks the truck into drive. The truck screeches off on its merry way.

Jake yells at Perkins to leave Eric alone. There's an explosion. Everyone freezes.

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