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Weekend At New Bernie

Dad sees the explosion billow and decides maybe he should stick around a while longer. Almost the entire checkpoint takes off to find out what's going on. Stuff keeps exploding. Dad calmly gets into a yellow truck and screeches away.

Hell is breaking loose at Town Hall, and deputies are running every which way. Ted gets Hawkins' rifle out and looks through the seeker.

Connie storms into the interrogation room to announce the factory explosion and orders that Jake and Eric be moved to the warehouse. As Perkins and the deputies fumble with uncuffing them from the chairs, Eric and Jake's eyes meet in silent agreement.

Ted fiddles with his rifle, but as he catches sight of the sniper's face on the roof, he can't pull the trigger. He turns around to find Hawkins right behind him. "Where're you going?" Hawkins asks pleasantly, which, if you want the God's honest truth, would be enough scare me into channeling La Femme Nikita right then and there. Ted's freaking. Hawkins tells him to calm down and breathe; everything's going fine. Ted can't do it. He takes off. Hawkins curses and checks out the guards. Jake and Eric are herded out, so Hawkins does a running crouch to Town Hall and takes out the guard on the roof. Still running (but not crouching), Hawkins pulls out another gun and fires at another guard. Jake elbows free from his own guard and grabs a gun. More fire. Lots of firing! Someone shoots at Hawkins from the roof and he goes down, leaving splatters of blood on a guard desk wall. Jake takes out the guard holding his brother. Shooting, running, diving, jumping. Maggie runs out into the middle of all this and screams for Jake, and she's hit in the leg for being stupid. Dad pulls up and yells for them. His truck is rained with bullets. Hawkins yells at everyone to go. He stands up and gives cover fire. Jake and Maggie and Eric run to the truck. Finally, Hawkins gets on the truck, and they tear out to the RR tracks and head east.

Jericho. People arrive at Frodale's store, bringing wood and stuff. There's a new sign outside that says, "New arrivals potatoes and meat inquire inside for trade." Mrs. Carmichael slinks in with a small bag of grain. Skylar stares at her but steps behind the counter and politely asks what she can do for her. Reluctant to meet Skylar's eyes, Mrs. Carmichael quietly says she heard they have meat. "One of Mr. Henderson's mares broke her leg, but she was healthy," Skylar says. Oooh, NOW I get the Paul Revere reference -- they're eating Brown Beauty! Frodale -- who has been watching the whole exchange with his dead eyes -- steps out of the back. Mrs. Carmichael puts down her pound of grain and asks for a quarter pound of meat. She doesn't say anything else. As Skylar turns sadly to get the meat -- I guess she was hoping for an apology -- Frodale announces that it won't be enough. "But that's what it says: four pounds of grain for a pound of meat," Mrs. Carmichael stutters protestingly. "The price went up," Frodale dead-eyes. "Sorry." He has no other emotion. Mrs. Carmichael pleads with Skylar that it's for her husband; the doctor says he needs protein. Skylar, who clearly lost her spine when she dived into Frodale's sleeping bag, looks over at him. Frodale shrugs with a glare at Skylar, says it's her call, and walks to the back. Where he continues to keep silent watch with his dead eyes. Skylar gets a folded and taped brown paper package of meat and holds it, saying, "My father was a good man, Mrs. Carmichael." Do you think Mr. Henderson ground up his mare and wrapped it up so neat and clean or is Frodale hand-cranking it in the back? Either way, New Bern can add "glue" to the list of Jericho's assets.

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