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Weekend At New Bernie

In Gray's office, Gray and Russell yell at each other about whose fault all this is. Mayor Dad arrives to say that a New Bernie just died: "Dawson. I didn't get the first name." "Creek"? Sorry. Reflex. "Jim Dawson," Russell says sadly and quietly, before going back to arguing with Gray about telling New Bern that Jericho supports the salt deal. Gray isn't having it, and he doesn't support it. Russell finally snaps that they have to work together while they still can. This gets both Gray and Dad's attention. Russell wearily elaborates that things are bad in New Bern, and it's not going to go over well when six of them went out and only five come back. Dad asks what Russell is saying. He's saying get your ass in gear, Dad! "You've got people there," Russell says. "You better bring them back." Turns out Dad didn't even know that Jake went back to New Bern to find Eric. He also didn't know that Eric hadn't been seen around New Bern for several days. Dad announces that they're going, but Gray refuses to authorize it. Seriously, Gray? Dad doesn't care what Gray says; Constantino wants a fight and Dad's not going to have his sons used as human shields. He opens the door and barks, "Let's go!" Russell leaves with him.

Maggie is led into Jake's cell. "Maggie?" Jake asks, and then he looks down, shaking his head. "Maggie." Heh. He's so disappointed in her. The Semper Faux broke up when they left Jericho, and she came to New Bern with a few of the Faux, but they got turned away at the border. Nevertheless, she tried to sneak back in, because things are worse outside of New Bern. Maggie tells Jake that it would be easy for them to get out if they knew someone on the outside. "Why -- do you?" Jake asks cautiously. Not a chance; she's just trying to help. Jake scoffs at this idea, citing her unsavory history with Jericho and the Semper Faux. Persistent, Maggie points out that when you've got something other people want, you have to use it. Jake explains that even if he did have something Constantino wanted, he wouldn't give it up. "You're right, you shouldn't," Maggie agrees, "But I could." Is she a plant? Maggie finally convinces Jake that it's the only hope they have of getting out. Maggie says she'll give Constantino what he wants from Jake to buy her freedom, and then she'll get him and Eric out, and then they can all go back to Jericho. She doesn't exactly give any hints on how she'll be doing this whole "getting them out" thing, but to prove that she wouldn't just take their info and run, she bats her eyes and gets choked up, saying, "I can't go anywhere without you." A guard arrives to haul Eric out of his bed. Barely conscious, Eric falls to the floor. Jake protests loudly and shakes the bars of the cell -- an involuntary reflex for any television person of the jailed persuasion.

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