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Weekend At New Bernie

A makeshift squad car pulls up to Constantino and a covered bridge. Why does that covered bridge look familiar? No, I didn't see Bridges of Madison County. Sadly, I was stupid enough to read that hiddy book; I wasn't going to see the movie. ["You'll be glad to know you missed nothing. The movie is equally hiddy, and drama-wise, it literally stars the handle of a car door." -- Miss Alli] Where have I seen that bridge? Oh...wait! No, it couldn't be, could it? Is that the same dad-blamed bridge Jake and Sisko are sitting on in the first episode of Deep Space Nine? And now Jake's dad is on the bridge? There are far too many connections between this show and DS9. Next thing you know, we're going to learn that Jake's named his car the Defiant. After his attitude. Dad is dangerously civil to Constantino as they shake hands and he asks for an update on Eric's missing status. "And there was an incident up at the mine," Russell adds in the spirit of full disclosure. "Couple of our people got hurt." Constantino suggests they talk and walk.

Another makeshift squad car with a post-EMP clamped flasher pulls up. This time it's to Ted's cabin. Two deputies take off to surround the cabin, and the third stays with Maggie. He steps close to her and says, "You better hope he's home."

On the DS9 covered bridge, Russell explains the salt mine deal. Because he's clearly dead-set on raining mortars down on Jericho and not even considering peace talks, Constantino is bit peeved that Russell tried to forge a partnership with Jericho on his own. Dad defends Russell, saying that it was a start, even if it was mismanaged. Constantino blasts back, "You opened fire on our citizens!" Russell objects that they still don't know who fired the first shot, and Dad asks what Constantino would have done if a bunch of guys showed up with guns in the middle of the night trying to steal salt. Ugh, religious symbolism be damned, I am SICK of typing his big long Roman emperorish name -- he's "Connie" from here on out. Connie alludes darkly to Jericho's "constant acts of aggression" against New Bern and blames Mayor Dad's town for siccing Ravenwood on them. Dad protests that they nearly blew their own town to bits trying to protect themselves; they had no idea where Ravenwood was going next. Connie is angry that Jericho didn't bother to warn New Bern or to help them when they were being raided. He lost quite a few friends and deputies to that raid.

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