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Bonnie Goetz Murdered
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In the dark, dark night, some thuggish types fix a tire rather loudly, bringing Stanley and his flashlight rifle out of the house to demand what they're doing on his property. It's sort of interesting how this episode begins and ends with a Richmond rifle. It also proves Chekhov's old literary technique about guns being introduced in the first act and going off in the third. The thuggish types pull out guns as well until Frodale squirms his short way in and holds everyone off from murdering each other. He explains to Stanley that they're just fixing a flat. Stanley asks what the hell Frodale's doing out there in the first place. "You know," Frodale tosses off, "importing." He hands Stanley a bottle of whisky, "For looking the other way," he says. Do you think Frodale has a Napoleon complex? I mean, I don't know how old he's supposed to be -- high school, I assume -- but is the guy ever going to have a growth spurt? Stanley flips the bottle on its side and sees a Jennings & Rall barcode. Heh, maybe Jennings & Rall started off as two old farts on a porch, selling their whisky but then developed into a national defense conglomerate. Maybe we should all stop drinking Bartles & Jaymes; supporting them will only encourage them to future evil heights.

Next day, Jake places the barcoded bottle on Frodale's counter and tells him the bribes aren't appreciated. "Find another way into town. Quit using his property," Jake instructs. Frodale starts to argue about it being the safest way in, but the Sheriff of Jakingham says, "It's not a suggestion, Dale." Skyler pipes up in her annoyingly elfin voice about how hard Jake is making their lives. Frodale then tells Jake that it's not just booze they're bringing in. See, the farmers, clinics, and merchants of Jericho all depend on him to keep them out of J&R debt. Speaking of the devil in blue shirts, a J&R rep sticks something up on Frodale's store window. It's a big fat notice that his business hasn't registered with J&R. On hand to offer up threats in the form of explanations, Goetz says that all businesses have to register with J&R to make sure no one is trafficking in stolen goods. Ooh, how very Dolores Umbridge! Next thing you know, they won't be able to play exploding snap in groups larger than three. Goetz says that once Frodale has registered, they'll kindly remove the notice, and Frodale will allow J&R to bugger him and his inventory weekly. "And if he doesn't?" Jake demands. "Then I'll shut him down," Goetz snaps and evils off.

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