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Bonnie Goetz Murdered

Once the soldier is excused, Beck turns his attention back to Heather and asks how many curfew violations they're talking about. Heather looks at her folder and explains that New Bern has had twelve in recent days, but it's not the amount of violations that bothers her, it's who the violators are. The violators all worked in the munitions factory, and Heather is worried they're getting organized for a revolution. Beck says they'll monitor it. As Heather leaves, Beck calls her back to specifically say, "Thank you." He so wants her. Once Heather is gone, Beck opens his steel briefcase and pulls out a maroon leather binder with the report "Aerial Radiation Survey Data" inside. Cheyenne is into some weird fonts these days. Both the fonts on this report and on the list of approved SCIFfers are odd. Cheyenne is probably inventing their very own fonts because Helvetica is just so United States.

At the bar, Mary, Emily, and Eric go over which soldiers guard what areas of Jericho. Mary has opinions on all of them. "How do you know all this?" Emily asks. "Soldiers at many of these checkpoints hang out at her bar," Eric explains, totally proud of his girlfriend's flirty ways. "Making friends is my business," Mary shrugs with a smile. Frodale and Skyler show up as summoned and are briefed that they might be able to drive right through the checkpoints rather than avoid them.

At J&R, one of the farmers has a meeting with Goetz where he squeals on Frodale as being the Jericho Smuggler. Farmer Fred wants an assurance that he will be able to keep his farm, and Goetz, promising nothing, says they will probably be able to work something out. Something evil.

Back at the old 4H, Jake tells a very busy Hawkins that he can't get the binder. Hawkins really has no patience with Jake's apparent lameness. All he says is, "What do you mean?" Jake sort of complains that short of cutting off someone's thumb, he can't get into Beck's office. "Plan is in motion, Jake, things change in the field you just gotta adapt," Hawkins mentors calmly. By which he means, "Cut off someone's thumb already!" Jake admits, "There is someone. Beck trusts her; she's been monitoring his field reports from New Bern. She can get close to the data without being detected but she's smart, we're gonna have to tell her." See, that's using your gourd, Jake. Hawkins, however, is not thrilled with letting another person in on the plan and sort of dresses Jake down for always defaulting to that. Hawkins reminds the whelp that he said they could trust Utley. "You think I don't know that?" Jake demands, "Look, I care about this person." "I don't," Hawkins retorts, "And you see this? This is not some secret club where we invite people in when it is convenient!" Jake gets all loud and yelly and tells Hawkins he needs to just tell him what to do because eight people have access to that room and seven of them are military. Can't they just summon another EMP to knock the security offline? It worked in Ocean's Eleven. It would totally work! You know why? Because again, it was a total fallacious use of an EMP AND it was another black guy faking an accent! The music and camera get all intense on Hawkins' face before we fade to black and are left to wonder if Hawkins was about to beat the tar out of Jake.

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