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Bonnie Goetz Murdered

Jake has brought Heather to his house but clearly hasn't told her anything. She's seated on the couch when Jake opens the front door and lets Hawkins in. Hawkins gives Jake a sidelong look before honing in on a nervous Heather. Jake gives Heather a look that says, "Yeah, I know it's weird, just hear him out. Don't worry, I'm not leaving you." Yes, I got all of that from a look because Jake hasn't shaved in about three days and he's wearing a black tee-shirt and looking weary and hot. Hawkins calmly says, "I'm going to ask for your help today and that requires that you be told some very dangerous [he throws a pointed look at Jake] information." Hawkins has been going on that only five people outside of the Cheyenne government know what he's about to tell her and there are also those who will kill to keep it from coming to light. "Will kill"? Try "have killed." Heather's jaw drops slightly and she wonders, "Why would I agree to that?" in the tone of "Why the HELL would I EVER agree to that?!" Because Jake is hot and you secretly still love him, even though Beck has recently caught your fancy? Jake sits intimately down next to Heather and says she's already put her life on the line for Jericho and the last thing he wants to do is ask her to do the same thing again. However, Jake knows that if she knew what was at stake, she'd want to help. When Heather asks what is at stake, it's Hawkins who answers, "I believe it's the future of our country." Heather snaps her head to look at Hawkins and then back at Jake, who doesn't deny it. Hawkins pulls up an end table and sits down. He asks, "Do you want me to keep talking?" Heather thinks, Jake stares, Hawkins glares. Finally, Heather says, "I'm listening." Jake sort of smiles and nods at Hawkins, who gives him the dirtiest look imaginable -- causing me to laugh-choke on my tortilla -- and turns back to Heather.

J&R. Trish and Bonnie are signing about going to Cheyenne when Goetz interrupts that Trish wanted to see him. After Goetz makes a creepy point of meeting her, Bonnie takes off. Trish explains to Goetz about the missing ten thousand dollars and hands over her incident report for him start a formal investigation. Goetz doesn't take the report and instead asks where she got the information. Trish says, "The accountant we hired locally. She found the discrepancy." Goetz sneers that local hires don't always have the whole picture. This goads Trish into telling Goetz that Mimi keeps her own books to herself so she can check them against the J&R books and Mimi believes the J&R books have been altered. Goetz just says, "I see." Trish leans in to Goetz and points out that they both know how seriously J&R takes embezzling. J&R has zero tolerance and for the sake of both their jobs, she thinks it's vital they take the situation very seriously. Goetz suddenly agrees and thanks her for bringing it to his attention. He's going to look into it right away. Oh, shit.

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