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Bonnie Goetz Murdered

Heather finds the binder, looks at the office outside Beck's SCIF, and puts the binder on Beck's desk. OH MY GOD JUST DO IT ALREADY!

Nebraska. Beck radios to overhead helicopters and tells them to keep making passes over the state. A soldier reports that the fire was definitely an arson job, but they also found bullet casings from two different weapons. Beck asks about the body they found. The solider confirms that the body was "burned to a crisp," and was a male. They're sending off a DNA sample to be scanned. "Another dead-end, I'm sure," Beck snarks. The soldier goes on that the fire melted all the computer equipment in the house. However, they found a hard drive that appears salvageable. Beck looks at the hard drive and asks Hawkins what he makes of all this. Hawkins spouts, "I think Mason came here to tie up a loose end. I think this fire was supposed to be thorough and I think she missed something." Beck orders the soldier to take the hard drive to the techs.

Heather flips to the necessary page and matches some numbers. She rips out the page and quickly folds it up, putting it in her back pocket. She slides the binder back in place and is about to be home free when a soldier walks in and demands to know what she's doing in there.

J&R. Jake, Eric, Stanley, Bill, and a few others storm in. Jake demands the release of Frodale. Goetz refuses to do it. Eric argues that the sheriff is the one who investigates crime, not J&R. Goetz smilingly explains that a truck of contraband is his burden of proof. Jake insists, "You can't keep him here!" Goetz agrees and says he's already turned the hobbit over to MPs. Frodale's on his way to a cozy home under a misty mountain in Loomer Ridge. Eric blusters, "You sent him to prison?" "The kid is guilty, the authority is mine, I'm sending a message: there's no place for thieves in Jericho." Yes, but there's plenty of room for anvils, eh, Embezzlnezer Scrooge?

Frodale rides with the MPs in a military truck.

Outside of J&R, Stanley bitches about all the crap J&R is pulling. "We're losing this town," Jake says and announces they have to catch up with the MPs. He orders Eric to find Beck and relay a message. Eric protests that Beck will just say he doesn't have authority. "We're going to give him the authority," Jake argues back. Seriously, just shut up and do what your brother says, Eric.

Back in his SCIF, Beck asks why the soldier holding Heather captive, given his secret crush was cleared for all access, all the time. The soldier tells Beck he believes Heather was accessing info she had no business accessing. Beck asks Heather if she was looking at anything other than the New Bern stuff. Heather barely pauses before telling him she wasn't. She just needed to check something in his inbox. Beck glances back at the soldier, "Problem solved. Thanks for all your help, Sergeant." With all due respect, the soldier thinks Heather's pants are on fire. Beck gets all challenging and asks if this peon is questioning his judgment. "No, SIR!" the soldier announces, so Beck sends him out. Her throbbing heart in her shining eyes, Heather gazes up at Beck and appears to put her entire soul into saying, "Thank you." "Thank you?" Beck repeats and then emphasizes, "My apologies. I hope the Sergeant's actions haven't colored your faith in this office. I'd consider that a crime." Without another word, Heather leaves the office, looking sick at the wool she just pulled over Beck's hot eyes.

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