Patriots and Tyrants

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Patriots and Tyrants
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Well, my friends, we're at an end, and as sad as I am not to have this show to poke fun at, I don't think we could have asked for a better second season or a more satisfying wrap up to this final episode.

Happy Hunting Hut. Jake and Hawkins pack and load up for Cheyenne. There's a large outlay of filled plastic water bottles lined up on the table. Hey, if they say it's Sierra Springs water, they might get five more seasons from the USA Network. They talk about how they're going to get through checkpoints with the help of one of Mary's runners and also about where they'll be able to stay in Cheyenne. Hawkins acknowledges that he has a lead on Cheung's location, but they're going to need more immediate help. Hawkins reminds Jake that when they get to Cheyenne, "this mission is everything." Jake gets it. Hawkins doesn't think he does, because he commands his attention when he says, "No, no, see -- I gotta be sure. I'm asking for your help, but I can't afford for you to go off-book out there, and I don't have any room for debates, so if you got any questions, now's the time." Well, in that case, Jake does have a question: "How are we going to find the bomb." Hawkins shakes his head, shruggingly, "No idea. Anything else?" HA! Hawkins is not one to let a lost nuclear bomb get in the way of finding that nuclear bomb. Why? Because he's of the Awesome. Jake snorts a laugh and they leave.

Via the office television, one of Beck's superiors gets all mad at him for the level of insurgent activity in Jericho and orders him to begin Phase Three. Beck balks at this and says he believes Jericho is still salvageable without going that far. "Two prisoners escaped your custody yesterday. You've lost three supply convoys through raiding parties in the past week -- the time for restraint is past. You have your orders: this insurrection must end." Two prisoners? Who other than Jake got rescued last week?

Federal District of Cheyenne. In an elevator that has one of those electronic ad panels boasting about the ASA Constitutional Convention, which is probably bugged, Gray and another delegate bitch about the convention. Apparently, they just got rid of the Second Amendment. Sheesh! No wonder Texas felt the need to get involved. Don't mess with Texas and their right to bear arms or you'll get blown right out of the sky! Gray muses, "It's a lot easier to pacify a country when its citizens can't shoot back." He doesn't appear to be disagreeing. The other delegate, who is quite young and excitable by comparison, says he's sick of people telling him he worries too much, "This is the Constitution we're talking about -- not a stereo manual!" Gray mutters tiredly that they just have to keep raising their voices.

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