Patriots and Tyrants

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Patriots and Tyrants

Jericho. The group stands silent over Bonnie's grave in the dying sunlight. Finally, Stanley blows a kiss and walks away. Mary tosses down some flowers. Emily does something weird with her hands that might be sign language. Everyone leaves. Mimi, still standing there, calls Stanley back to her side. He walks up, "What is it?" "I thought I lost you," Mimi says. Stanley shakes his head that there's no way she could ever lose him. Mimi says when the soldiers were coming for him, she was thinking to herself that she was going to lose him without him ever knowing what he meant to her. "Well, I'm here now," Stanley says. "You are everything to me," Mimi tells him, "I want to walk down this hill and make a home with you." She chokes up. "I want to make a life with you, through anything and everything, from this day forward for the rest of my life," Mimi promises. "Wow," Stanley says, "That sounded a lot like a --" "It was," Mimi tells him. "Well, what do I say?" Stanley says, some of his old lunkheadishness coming back. "Just say 'I do,'" Mimi counsels. "I do," Stanley says, nodding and smoothing her hair back. They kiss.

Outside his office, Beck drinks something dark and strong. Inside his office, Beck's soldiers look over the laptop information he gave them. He's letting them reach their own conclusions. Heather walks in, tentatively twisting her fingers around. She perches on a desk next to him, but he can't really look at her. He explains that he gave the orders for her release without condition. "You don't need to be here," he tells her. "I know," Heather says, confidently. Beck looks up at her and sees the faint smile on her face. He looks over at his office and at his soldiers. Heather asks what's going on in there. "They're trying to decide what to do about me. I gave them Hawkins' laptop -- let them see the evidence for themselves." Beck pauses and adds, "You were right. About everything." He's so disenchanted. Heather looks like she wants to say something. "Thanks for not giving up on me," Beck says. Heather nods, without saying what she wanted to say. Beck slightly toasts her with his glass and drinks more. Aw, that was such a nice moment for them. The soldiers come out of Beck's office. Beck steels himself, setting his glass down and getting to his feet. Steadily staring a taller subordinate right in the eyes, Beck waits. The subordinate looks all fierce and angry before he reaches over and pulls his Velcroed ASA flag off his uniform. Deliberately, the solider slams the flag on the desk -- as much as one can slam a piece of fabric -- and says, "Sir --" He stands at attention. "Your orders." All the other soldiers are also standing at attention. Waiting. Beck squares his shoulders and nods. He looks down the line and says, "Pass the word to your men, tell them there's a fight on its way." The soldiers all salute Beck, who nods back. The soldiers file out, each ripping off the Velcro flag and slamming it on the desk. Heather watches all this and laughs in surprised relief and joy. Beck looks proudly after them.

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