Patriots and Tyrants

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Patriots and Tyrants

Outside, Gray's still in the doldrums. He sits on the steps of City Hall. The ASA flag is on the ground. Looking up, he sees Eric and Stanley and the rest of the group walking toward him. He gets up and smiles back at Eric, "I thought I told you to stay out of trouble when I was gone!" He shakes Eric's hand. Eric asks how the convention was. "Terrifying," Gray says, "The government we find ourselves living under is in dire need of replacement." Eric looks up at the sky and notes, "Well, that oughta make our feelings pretty clear about it." Gray feigns some rather adorable innocence, "Oh, oh, that?" We look up. The Gadsden flag is flying. "Yeah, I just thought it's been a little too long since Johnston Green's had anything to say about the way things are going around here. Now seemed like a good time for him to be heard." Eric looks back at Gray and nods quietly.

Texas. In one of those impossibly clean hangars with the shiny floors where no oil drips ever, Hawkins is wheeled out on a stretcher. Does Hawkins need a blood transfusion? Because I'm pretty sure his blood type is Type A for Awesome. Jake walks at his side and clasps his hand. "We made it," Jake tells him. Hawkins is loaded in an ambulance, and Jake turns to Chavez to ask, "What now?" Chavez says they have a team of engineers waiting for the bomb. "Once they inspect it, things in this country are going to change pretty fast. Cheyenne's cover-up will be exposed. Texas sides with Columbus, throws its weight behind them, and then the main event." "The next American civil war," Jake realizes. "Thanks to you and Hawkins, it looks like the good guys are going to have a fighting chance," Chavez says. Jake puts out his hand and thanks Chavez before getting into the ambulance with Hawkins. The doors close behind them. We see Jake holding Hawkins' hand. Soldiers load the bomb in a truck next to the ambulance. It's a nice paralleling shot. Hawkins removes his oxygen masks and whispers, "Hey, don't take this the wrong way, but you look like crap." Jake laughs. Hawkins laughs, then spasms in pain. Jake grips his shoulder. Yeah, Hawkins, dude, stop with the jokes until you're no longer bleeding to death. "I think we started a war today," Jake observes. Hawkins makes a "that's as may be" face, so Jake says, "Let me guess -- not your first?" Hawkins smiles and whispers that the war was coming with or without them, "I just hope we did enough to make it a fair fight." "Yeah," Jake whispers. They grab hands again and Hawkins asks, "How does it feel?" "What?" Jake asks. "Making history." Jake half-laughs with one of the sweetest shout-outs to fandom ever. Hawkins turns back on his stretcher. Jake firm his lips and looks into a peanutless distance.

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