Patriots and Tyrants

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Patriots and Tyrants

My prediction: Civil War II ends, and Jake is elected president with Eric as his Vice President, because, come on, it's Eric, and Heather is First Lady. Jake appoints Hawkins as his Chief of Staff, which is a historical event as it's the first item the Chief of Staff has a license to kill. Beck becomes the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Stanley the Secretary of Agriculture, Mimi the Secretary of the Treasury, Emily the Secretary of Education, Frodale the Secretary of Commerce. Allison joins the FBI, and Jimmy and Bill become Secret Service Agents until Jimmy shoots off Bill's toe, after which they end up giving humorous tours of the White House and are very happy. Valente stars in Murder One reruns, Gray stays Mayor of Jericho, Constantino becomes a detective in the Santa Barbara Police Department, and Trish writes recaps for Television Without Pity.

Next week: Previews? Come on, PREVIEWS?! Sigh.

Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic is a writer/editor in San Francisco. You can find other examples of her writing at The Grub Report and Bay Area Bites. Two of her biggest achievements to date are that she made a bread Jacques P├ępin didn't hate while working on More Fast Food My Way, and that she survived Enterprise and Jennifer Love Hewitt's breastages.

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