Patriots and Tyrants

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Patriots and Tyrants

Mary tearfully fills the Rangers in on what Phase 3 means for Jericho. Entire sections of Jericho, neighborhoods, will be declared centers of resistance and anyone caught inside of them will be considered insurgents. Oh, and Beck and his men will start shooting at people. Eric rubs his eyes. Hey, Russell's in the background! He must be the other prisoner they rescued? Did we know that last week? They all wring their hands a bit before Russell suggests that since New Bern went through this weeks ago, they should learn from Constantino how to fight it. "No chance in hell," Eric decides, but Russell points out that they can't afford to be picky. Eric drops his head. "Eric, are you kidding?" Stanley asks, sensing a weakening. "What am I supposed to say?" Eric asks. Stanley stands up and says that Eric has to say no. That he's not interested in "shaking hands with an animal like Phil Constantino." "Say something!" Stanley orders. When Eric doesn't, Stanley shakes his head and says he's done with this. He starts to leave. Stanley is ALWAYS walking out in protest on these things! Emily calls out, "Stanley!" Stanley ignores her and yells at everyone that Bonnie has been dead for four days, and her body is still sitting in a drawer in the morgue because he's hiding out in "some garage." Stanley starts storming out again, telling Eric that he's going to bury his sister. Mimi quickly follows and puts herself in Stanley's path to stop him. They stare at each other. Stanley says, "I need to do this." Mimi nods and leads the way out. Eric sends Bill, Jimmy, and a gun-slung Emily after Stanley to help him out. After they're gone, Eric looks at Russell and says, "Set up the meeting."

Beck stares out of his Weight of the World Window. Escorted by a soldier, Heather enters the office. "Sit down," Beck orders. Beck, dude, that's no way to get her into bed! Always spunky, Heather spits back, "I'd rather not. Can we make this quick? I have to move out of my house by eleven tomorrow. Someone declared my street a center of resistance." Not even hearing her over his glare, Beck shouts, "Why'd you do it?" Heather plays dumb. Beck knows about the bomb. He knows she ripped the page out of the binder that would have detected its location. Close to tears, Beck goes on about how he trusted and stood up for her. Heather softly interrupts that he's right, she took the page because Hawkins told her the people Beck is working for are wrong and she believes him. Beck's chest is heaving with unshed tears as he strikes back that he could have her imprisoned, even executed. Heather angrily tells Beck, "He said this government is corrupt and illegitimate. That it lied about who attacked us so it could seize power." Beck chokes out, "You're naïve!" and turns away. "And you're a coward!" Heather retorts. Duuuuude! Beck whips back to her. Heather gets in his face and says that he knows there's something wrong with the ASA but he refuses to open his eyes and see it. "My eyes are open!" Beck yells back. "No, they aren't!" Heather wails. Oh my god, just KISS already! Heather tells him everyone in Jericho is suffering because of his blindness. Beck yells for his lieutenant and orders Heather under arrest. Heather's pleading eyes harden into a glare. The lieutenant takes her away. Beck is all quivery.

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