Patriots and Tyrants

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Patriots and Tyrants

Cheung works some of his J&R magic on a laptop and determines that as soon as They inspect the bomb, They'll move it to a disposal facility outside of town. Hawkins notes it would be easier for the three of them to get the bomb when it's on the road. Cheung reports that no transport has been ordered or logged. Jake rolls his eyes at this and sits back down on a bed. "You know what?" Hawkins says, his mind working faster than Jake's impatience, "There wouldn't be. Security draws attention. So, less security, less attention. We need some place off the books." Cheung has been nodding through all this. Jake offers, "In Afghanistan there were a few supply routes that would get really nasty. They would shoot at anything with a J&R logo --" Hawkins flicks his eyes to give Jake a hard look, as though seeing him for the first time. " -- so we started making our runs in ambulances," Jake concludes. Hawkins tells Cheung to check the local hospitals. Cheung does and announces that St. Francis hospital has reported a gas leak and is closing all their doors. Jake sort of gives himself a bent-elbowed, "Yeah!" and gets up to grab his stuff.

Jake, Hawkins, and Cheung case the hospital. They watch an EMT closely. Hawkins notes a gun at stuck ostentatiously in guy's waistband (you'd think J&R could have sprung for an actual holster) and asks, "How many paramedics carry a nine-millimeter?" I don't know about paramedics, but doctors like Kenchy should. Just after Hawkins says, "It sure looks like they're expecting someone," an ambulance pulls into the gates and the paramedic runs after it. They get ready to go but Cheung announces, "Not him!" Jake's all, "What?" "Sorry Jake, I don't know you," he cocks his gun, "I don't trust you." Jake tries to get all protesty, but Hawkins holds him off and tells him to keep the engine running. Seriously, all bomb robberies need a wheelman, Jake! You're a very important part of the team, good buddy! Hawkins reminds Jake that if something goes wrong, they're going to need a way out. Jake doesn't say anything and looks away, so Hawkins says, "Jake?!" Jake looks him in the eye and says, "Yeah." Hawkins nods and gets out of the car.

In the hospital driveway, a few guys fuss with the ambulance and bomb. One of the guys suddenly hunches over and retches in pain. The camera follows his torso down to show us Hawkins' arm wrapped around the guy's gut. This is where I thought, "Oh my god -- Hawkins is SO awesome, he can kill with a firm embrace!" I mean everyone knows that kisses can kill, but hugs, hugs are harder. But then in the next cut, we see Hawkins pulling a dagger out of the guy's gut. And I was all ready to call this the Hawkins Death Hug, too. A fight ensues and Cheung takes a guy out with a silenced gun -- we haven't had many silenced guns in this show -- and disarms a few others. One of the guys Hawkins was dealing with makes the unwise decision to fight back and ends up getting his neck spin-snapped for his trouble. Cheung and Hawkins confirm that they're both okay, but one of the disarmed guys reaches into the ambulance and pulls out a gun and shoots Cheung dead. He shoots Hawkins in the left side and then turns and shots the remaining Non-EMT. Um, okay, what's that about? Hawkins sort of writhes on the pavement as this guys walks up to him and says, "Hello, Hawkins." DUDE! IT'S JOHN JACOB JINGLEHEIMER SMITH! I love that I'm totally dumb where this show is concerned! I love that I can't predict it!

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