Patriots and Tyrants

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Patriots and Tyrants

Hawkins pants that he didn't think Smith did his own dirty work. "I wasn't supposed to. I'd hoped you were going to help me. Now, I need that bomb," Smith says and goes to deliver final, fatal shots to Hawkins. Hawkins puts a hand up. You know he could have stopped the bullets with his palm. Shots ring out and Smith is hit in the shoulder and arm. Jake comes running in, shooting and yelling for Hawkins. Smith stumbles off, wounded. Jake quickly checks Hawkins and then takes a few more steps after Smith, squeezing off more wild shots. Hawkins calls Jake back and just says, "The ambulance. The ambulance." Saying consolingly, "I got you, I got you!" Jake helps Hawkins up and into the ambulance before driving off. Jake reloads as he steers and in the back, Hawkins shoves some cotton packing into his wound. The blood rushes out. If they kill Hawkins, I swear to God, I will CANCEL this show! Jake calls back, "How bad is it?" "I've had worse!" Hawkins calls back. Of course he has. Hawkins tells Jake to just keep driving while he thinks.

City Hall. Beck sits at his desk and broods. Beck's beleaguered lieutenant comes in for Beck's signature on the stuff they got from Hawkins' abandoned car. As soon as the soldier says, "Laptop," Beck perks up and says he wants to see the evidence before it goes to Camp Liberty. "Sir, it's cataloged and sealed," the soldier says, hesitantly. "Then I'll unseal it," Beck says. The soldier leaves to carry out the orders. After slitting the box open, Beck takes out the laptop and opens it. The screen wakes up and Beck is hit full on with the Continuity of Government Report. Beck pages through the report, sees the map of target cities and the casualty reports. Beck's eyes then travel to the corner of the screen where he sees the Jennings & Rall logo. He keeps reading.

Mathra: "I can't believe Hawkins didn't have a password prompt for his computer!"

Me: "Ah, Hawkins has outsmarted even you! See, he was ready for his computer to fall into Beck's hands. He made sure he had his Firefox tabs ready with all the evidence Beck would need to convince him of J & R's evilness!"

Jake continues to drive and he yells back at Hawkins that they have to get off the street, "We're not going to make it to Texas like this!" Hawkins painfully pulls out his cell and says, "Yes, we will! Yes, we will!" Of COURSE they will. Meanwhile, if Jake doesn't want to draw attention to them, maybe he should stop driving in a way that makes the tires squeal. It's sort of obvious. Hawkins does a map thing on his phone and tells Jake to drive for another ten blocks. "Why?" Jake asks, looking back at Hawkins. "You just DO IT, Jake!" Hawkins yells and calls up Chavez. "I gonna need a favor and I'm gonna need it fast!" Hawkins tells him.

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