Patriots and Tyrants

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Patriots and Tyrants

Back in Jericho, Mimi dusts off gravestones on the Richmond family plot while Stanley, Jimmy, Emily, and Bill dig a grave. Mary and Eric walk up to join them, saying they came to help. Stanley glances back at Eric but keeps on digging. Eric tells Stanley he was right about Constantino. He adds, "There's something he lost that I don't ever want to give up." Eric goes on that Jericho is right and Cheyenne is wrong, but the moment they start killing American soldiers, all that changes. Jimmy ponders the wisdom of this. Either that or he's looking for the fiber in a box of cereal. Eric says they can't stop Beck from shooting at them, but he knows that it's not what Beck really wants either. However, if Beck does make that decision, Eric won't make it easy for him. "So, I'm going to be standing on this hill in the open with my friends, doing something I know is right," Eric finishes. How did they get Bonnie's body? Maybe Kenchy helped them. Jimmy points out at the road. A Humvee is driving up.

A medic tends to Hawkins' wound, saying, "This is about all I can do from here." She says they need to get him to an ER, but Hawkins refuses and when Jake protests the refusal, Hawkins asks the medic to please excuse them. After she's gone, Hawkins turns to Jake and reminds him that he's not important, "What is, is getting that bomb to Texas with no detours. Now, you tell me that you understand what it is that we're in the middle of right --" Jake interrupts that he understands and tries to argue, but Hawkins keeps going, "It's important, like, whatever happens in the next few hours could determine the course of things for years to come -- you know, maybe our history for the next hundred years. That is the responsibility we got here. And if that comes at a terrible cost, then so be it, because that's the only way that things get better, and it's the only way that people stay free." Jake turns to the window, discontented. Hawkins buttons up his shirt and says, "It's why I do what I do." Hawkins has never really talked about that before. Jake nods silently.

Jericho. Mimi walks down the hill to meet the soldier who has just radioed back to Beck to say he's found Stanley and a group of Rangers. The solider tells Beck he'll bring them in and then tells Mimi he has to clear the area. Mimi pleads with him, "Please, my fiancé is burying his sister up there. He's waited four days to do this, just please let him finish." The soldier says they have orders to apprehend him now. He walks forward. Mimi holds him off, calling him by his name and even recognizing his rank as corporal, and saying that the soldiers have Stanley. She shrugs that she and the Rangers have nowhere to run. "Just let him put his sister in the ground," Mimi continues, "It costs you nothing." Corporal Adams looks up at the family plot. "Do you have sister? Or a girlfriend? A wife?" Mimi whispers, "Please." Cpl. Adams tells her they have thirty minutes and after that, they're coming with them, "So say your goodbyes." Mimi walks back up to the family plot. Cpl. Adams stares after her.

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