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The Beginning Of The End

Jake carries Stacy up to the seat next to Heather and says, "We have to get her back."

Gracie walks to the front of her store with a flashlight, and finds Dale knocking on the door.

Jake hauls the driver to another seat. Julie cuddles with Heather and asks, "Are we going to have school tomorrow?" Heather says, "We'll figure it out." Julie mysteriously says, "I don't know." Huh? Jake hobbles back to the driver's seat and groans in pain, then checks the gash in his leg. Jake, my clueless hero, can I just remind you: first aid kit. I swear, whatever is wrong with these people must be contagious.

Gracie nervously asks, "Dale? What are you doing, honey?" She follows as Dale carries a pile of packages out of the store. Gracie says, "Please don't steal from me!"

Texaco station. Horns honk. I don't know why they're honking, because without power, the gas pumps won't work. Someone loads two cans of gas into his SUV, which I'll just assume he filled before the power went out. A man that we'll call the instigator asks, "You got extra there?" The hoarder chuckles, "First come, first serve." The instigator sniffs, "You filled up your truck -- you gonna mow your lawn, too?" Hoarder says that he's got a family. "We've all got families," the instigator says, and moves to grab the second can. They tussle a little, and gas splashes around. Oh, good.

Jake starts up the bus and tells everyone to take a seat. The kids yammer happily as Jake backs the bus up onto the road. Heather helpfully says, "Hurry!" Jake regains hero points for not rolling his eyes.

Dale and Gracie carry armloads of stuff out of the store, and put them in the icebox outside the door. Bags of ice are piled all around. Er. Maybe you should open some of those and put them on top of the food? Dale announces, "Food won't go rotten as long as the weather stays cool. Hopefully the power'll be fixed on by then." Gracie thanks Dale, and he bites his lip again and says, "Anything for you, ma'am." Seriously, kill off the adults, and let Dale rule the town of kids. I know, it's a little bit Jeremiah, and a little bit "Miri," but even so.

People are still honking at the Texaco station. The instigator tries to pull the hoarder out of his truck. Someone else tries to break up the fight.

Hawkins tells Chief Carroll, "You need to get some lights on before people start losin' it." Carroll says they've just got lanterns and flashlights. Hawkins asks, "But your town does roadwork at night, right?"

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