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The Beginning Of The End

Texaco station. A woman walks out of the Texaco shop with a bag of stuff. A man follows her out and grabs the bag, and the woman says, "If your machine doesn't work it's not our fault!" So...she's saying that since she couldn't use her credit card, she should get stuff for free? The man, who I guess has experience dealing with the brain-damaged, patiently suggests that she pay with cash. As they argue, something glass falls to the ground and breaks.

Cut to lights coming on, as Hawkins personally cranks up a generator. Chief Carroll asks, "Sure you're not a science teacher?" In this town, he might qualify. Then a radio squawks as someone reports, "We got a little problem down at the gas station." Carroll says that he'll be right there, and Gary says he'll go along.

Sheriff's office. Dad listens to the report of a crowd gathering at the gas station. Dad sighs. Poor guy. In the kingdom of the dumb, the half-smart man is Mayor. Eric runs in and gasps, "Dad!" Dad says, "I heard, go," as he pulls his jacket on. But then Mom rushes in. Dad snaps, "I don't have time right now, some damn fool--" but Mom is firm. She explains, "Dale Turner's mom died tonight. In another explosion. Atlanta." Dad pauses to process that, and then hurries out with his arm around Mom.

Jake's having trouble staying conscious as the wheels on the bus go round and round. He drives past the prison bus, and we pan down to it. A radio squawks, "Sheriff? There's no sign of Jake out here, in fact, there's no sign of anybody." The cop says that they're headed back, and then asks, "Sheriff, you there?" One of the other cops is collapsed on the bus steps, with a bullet wound in his back. The Sheriff's arm is draped down above him. I guess we'll assume that the other two cops are also dead.

Jake mutters, "Stay awake...." People who talk to themselves are the writer's friend. He looks at the dash, and sees that the gas gauge is on empty. They were at a garage! You know what they do at garages? Sell gas. Oy. Jake asks, "Does this bus have a gas can?" Heather makes a gasping-fish face and shakes her head like she doesn't know. Jake says, "The bus...if it stops." Heather gasps, "Okay," and turns to face the kids. She tells them that if the bus stops, they'll need to walk back to town and get help. One kid calls, "I dunno where we are!" Jake says that when they get to the stop sign, they should turn left. But the kids don't know right from left. Jake sighs and puts his head down for a second, which cracks me up. Heather instructs them all to hold their hands up, thumbs out. "The one that makes the 'L' is your left!" Or you could let the kids who found Jake and then found their way back to the bus be guides. I mean, they seem relatively competent. But it's all moot anyway, since the bus won't run out of gas. It's just a stupid cliffhanger to keep people from changing channels during the commercials.

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