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The Beginning Of The End

Jake is loaded into an ambulance. Mom tells Eric, "Get April; we'll meet you at the medical center." Jake calls Eric back and tells him that there's an empty prison bus off of Cedar Run. A bus that may have been transporting one or more cons that Jake knew. From when he was in prison. Eric says he'll take care of it. Mom climbs into the ambulance and frets over Jake, who insists that he's okay.

Dad climbs onto the steps of the bus and looks around, dazed. He turns around and calls to his heckler. "You said earlier that you'd heard that speech before. You ever ask yourself why I say it?" The heckler, holding his little girl in his arms, wordlessly wonders, Is this a rhetorical question? Dad proclaims that he trusts the people of Jericho. He says, "Something happened in Denver and Atlanta, and it could be that we wake up and we find out that's where it stops. But until we know, are we gonna use our imaginations to solve problems, or to cause 'em?" "Cause them!" someone screams, and they turn over the bus and set it on fire. Okay, no. Dad goes on speechifying that if they have to, they'll fight, but they can't fight each other. And so on. He says that they'll meet at the town hall tomorrow, and concludes, "Don't you break my heart again." Hawkins, who I guess finished powering all the hand-cranked generators by himself, stares at Dad thoughtfully as everyone clears out. Dad tells Chief Carroll to keep everyone at their posts until the Sheriff returns, and then calls the heckler back to shake his hand.

In the ambulance, Mom tells Jake that she thought she'd never see him again. Jake says, "You think I'd let Dad have the last word." From the door, Dad says, "Hey, quit talkin' about me." After a second of staring at each other, Dad tells Jake that he did a great thing. Jake blearily thanks him. Dad adds, "Your grandfather woulda been proud." Then he says that he'll see what's taking so long with the driver, and moves away. Jake looks at Mom and says, "I go away for a few years and the town goes to hell." Oh, Jake. Don't quip. Mom isn't amused, either.

Chief Carroll stops by Hawkins and asks what he's thinking. Hawkins stares into the distance and says, "I was just wondering what it was all gonna look like in the morning."

Emily's epic drive to Wichita is interrupted by several thudding noises. She sighs, "Oh, darn, I thought the guy in the trunk was dead." Well, actually she just pulls over. Snow Patrol is cued up, and we watch her boots as she steps out of the car to find the highway littered with dead crows. She stares around and gasps, "What's happening?"

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