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The Beginning Of The End

Elsewhere in the store, two girls experiment with makeup. The dark-haired girl tells the blonde, "That color looks really good on you." The blonde chuckles, "I know," and whines that her mother didn't take her along on a trip to New York. Then she spots Dale staring at them, and calls, "What are you looking at, loser?" Dale cowers away.

Back at the counter, Gracie asks Jake where he's been. Jake whispers confidentially, "I've been playing minor league baseball." You know, if you're planning to lie to everyone, including the town gossip, about where you've been, you should probably tell everyone the same lie. This seems like a good time to mention that Jake is wearing a T-shirt under a mint-colored button-down, under a blue hoodie, under a baggy jacket. He's certainly mastered the layered look. Or maybe he's wearing everything he owns, because he just got out of prison.

Jake exits the store with a bouquet, and sees a fluffy-haired blonde talking on her mobile as she rearranges the dry cleaning in her SUV. Her name is Emily Sullivan. She asks whoever is on the other line, "When do you get in from Chicago?" Jake stops to stare at her. She sees him, finishes up her call with a distracted, "I love you," and hangs up. I press the hotkey for, "They hug, and Jake explains that he's there to see his grandfather." After that ritual is taken care of, Jake says that he heard from his that Emily's teaching at the high school now. She says she just bought a house in "The Pines" and Jake marvels, "On the east side, on a teacher's salary?" This begins my quest to understand just how big Jericho is. It's in farm country, has one general store, and most of the inhabitants seem to know each other. But it's big enough to have a whole section of expensive houses called "The Pines." Emily awkwardly explains that her fiancée, Roger, is "in banking." This means that Roger is an international criminal. She asks Jake, "You got somebody?" Jake says no, and Emily awkwardly says that she's sorry. Jake chuckles, "No, you're not; you love it." I don't think that helped the awkwardness at all. As required by law, she asks where he's been, and he says, "The Navy." She looks away, and he sighs, "Why do I even bother?" An excellent question. She asks again, and before we hear Jake's answer, someone cues up the Goo Goo Dolls and we cut away.

Jake parks in front of a large, two-story house and gets out with his pie. The house next door is seriously huge. Maybe this is the fabled east side. If it isn't, I can't wait to see the houses that make this look average. Jake goes around to the back of the house, where a cute dog is moping on the back porch. The dog runs over to Jake and barks happily, which I will translate as, "Where have you been for the past five years?" After playing with the dog for a minute, Jake enters through the screen door just as a woman turns around, startled. They hug, and Jake finally says, "You're choking me, Mom." A tall dorky guy with a beard marches in saying, "Thought I heard an annoying voice." His name is Eric, and he's got very sensitive ears. Then he greets Jake by saying, "Hey, brother," which keeps me laughing throughout their hug. Who does that? Jake looks over Eric's shoulder, and Eric moves out of the way to reveal Gerald McRaney looming in the doorway. He does not rush in to hug Jake, which solidifies the affection I still feel for him from Simon & Simon.

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