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The Beginning Of The End

The Goo Goo Dolls finally shut up. The family has taken seats in the living room. Jake explains that he's not going to interfere with Dad's Mayoral campaign (by revealing that he, the Mayor's son, is an ex-con). He says that he just wants his dad's signature, and then he'll visit his grandpa and leave. Eric gets snippy about Jake's attitude, and Dad grumbles about "what [Jake] put this family through." Mom tries to calm things down, but Dad continues, "He coulda been a --" Contender? Jake interrupts, saying that he's apologized and made amends (by spending the past five years in prison), but he needs the money to make a clean start (by paying off his blackmailers). He argues that his grandpa left him the money for a reason. Dad says, "And he gave me authority over it for a reason!" Dad proof that Jake is leading "a productive life." Eric chimes in his agreement, and Jake snarls at him, "We were both born on third base; quit pretending you hit a triple." Eric glares around dopily like he's thinking, "In a couple of days I'm gonna figure out what you mean, and a few days after that I'm going to have a snappy retort, just you wait!" Jake turns back to his dad and asks, "When are you gonna realize I'm thirty-two-years-old?" Which is another odd thing to say. "When are you gonna realize I'm an adult" would sound more natural. I mean, Dad has, at most, eleven months to realize that, or it'll be too late and he'll have to start over. Anyway, Dad replies, "When you do," and stomps out of the room. After a second Jake chases after him, calling, "Can I talk to my mayor, then?" Jake, you don't live in Jericho. He's not your Mayor. Jake turns back to his mother helplessly, and she quietly suggests that they visit his grandfather.

Cut to a headstone reading, "Eric Jacob Green, beloved husband, father, grandfather, mayor." There might be another line or two hidden behind the flowers. Jake starts to say something, but Mom quickly says, "You'd have been here if you could." Jake takes a moment to manfully stifle his tears, and they walk up the hillside. Mom tries to offer him a handful of bills, but Jake declines. They reach Jake's car, which is parked in front of another car so I don't think Mom was stranded at the cemetery. Jake complains that his dad doesn't get it, and Mom says that's because he won't explain why he really needs the money. Jake insists, "He can never know." That he's being blackmailed by someone who knows about his crimes. They hug, and Mom slides the money into Jake's jacket pocket before asking him to stay one more day. Jake says that he's got to be in San Diego tomorrow. To pay off his blackmailers. He gets into the car and starts the engine, then calls his mom saying, "One more thing...." She leans in, and he holds up the bills, saying, "You have clumsy hands." She smirks, takes the money back, and watches Jake drive away.

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