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The Beginning Of The End

On someone's TV, the Prez prepares to make his speech. A little boy sulkily asks whether they have to watch this. Two cops are sitting on the couch. One looks around toward the kitchen, then nods, and the boy and a young girl run out of the room happily. The cop is wearing a clip-on tie as part of his uniform, and it's unclipped so that the top has flopped down onto his chest. I thought that was a cute touch.

A Jericho Elementary school bus trundles down the road. On board is a teacher, Heather Lisinski, who's on her mobile explaining that they had to make a detour because the bus needed some repairs.

Emily hangs a "Welcome Home Roger" banner in the window of her house.

The IRS auditor sits down at a bar and says, "I feel like I'm back in DC" upon seeing that the TV is tuned to the Presidential address. Right. I do wish she had a name.

At the Green household, Mom and Dad are watching the speech, too. The Prez is talking about "the fundamental dangers posed by the threat of terror." Well, it's meaningless enough to be a real Presidential speech.

Jake drives along. Oh, the suspense.

The kids we saw a few scenes back are playing hide and seek outside. The girl finishes counting and starts to search.

On the bus, Heather talks on her mobile and says that they'll be back in an hour. Then the signal turns to static.

In Jake's car, the radio signal dies.

The little girl looks for (I'll just assume) her brother. In the bar, the TV signal turns to static. And in the Green's house. We see more TV pictures going out as the little girl spots her brother perched up on a rooftop. He stands up, facing away from her, and she whines, "You have to hide better!" The kid on the roof doesn't turn, and the camera slowly moves up to reveal that off in the distance, beyond some mountains, there's a fiery mushroom cloud.

After some important commercial messages, Bonnie stands on the porch of the farmhouse, staring at the explosion. Stanley hurries out of the house and yanks her off-screen

In her house, Emily glances at the clock, sees that it's now 6, and heads for the door. A Post-it reveals that Roger is arriving in Wichita at 10:30. It must be love if she's making a four-hour drive to pick this guy up.

On the school bus, the kids are exclaiming over a panicked deer racing alongside the road. Then we reverse, and there's a nice shot of Heather peering out the window. She's not looking at the deer, though. The bus window reflects the mushroom cloud in the distance. She leans over to boggle properly, and then something jolts the bus.

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