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The Beginning Of The End

Dale walks to his home on what's clearly the Bad Side Of Town. You can tell, because there's litter, and the houses are smaller, and in the background there's an RV. Horrors! Dale walks into a messy house, and looks at the counter, where an answering machine is blinking at him.

At the Green house, Dad descends the stairs and calls, "Gail? What's going on?" In the foyer are the two hide-and-seekers, now crying, along with their mother, father (the clip-on guy) and the other cop. Mom is trying to comfort the kids, but looks up at her husband and says, "Oh, Johnston."

Cut to Dad hanging up the phone as we hear a fast busy signal. He says, "It looks like the explosion came from the west -- maybe Denver." He tells a cop to use their radios to get everyone to the sheriff's station. The little boy clings to his father, who gives him a hug and promises to be back soon. On the first viewing, I assumed that as a result of saying that, he'd be dead before the episode ended. I don't want to make it sound like all of my predictions come true. As the menfolk prepare to head out, Mom calls Dad back and says, "Jake...." They hug, and Dad insists, "We'll find him."

Jake drives along. He stares out the window to his right, and of course that mushroom cloud is rather eye-catching. Then we see a station wagon, loaded with luggage, coming the opposite way. The driver and passenger are similarly entranced. When you're rubbernecking, don't you sort of automatically slow down? I mean, isn't that why rubbernecking at accident scenes causes traffic jams? People automatically slow down to look. I guess we should all aspire to be more like these fine people, who keep zooming along at highway speeds even when they're trying to look at something that's almost behind them. So, the other car starts veering across the double-yellow line. Jake doesn't notice because he's hypnotized by the explosion. He looks up just in time to see the car about twenty feet in front of him. He tries to swerve, but it's way too late, so: bam! The cars smash into each other, and both cars are spun off the road.

Sheriff's station. Dad and Eric march down a hallway while two other guys pedebicker. Apparently, one of them owns a local mine, and the other one is a union leader. Dad hushes them both and orders everyone out of the mine. Because they'll need the mine later. When the zombies come. They reach the front room, and the Sheriff says that there's no fires or anything. He says, "The town's fine." Dad isn't so sure, and after a dramatic pause, asks, "Do we have any Geiger counters?"

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