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The Beginning Of The End

Out on the streets, everyone's bustling about. The IRS auditor steps out of the bar and asks a passerby, "Did something happen?" The woman she's asking just walks on without even acknowledging her. Leaving aside my skepticism about that...the auditor was in a bar crowded with people. How could everyone else around find out what was going on without her somehow picking it up?

Eric dutifully says that the emergency plan instructs them to contact the Governor, the National Guard, and state troopers. That's not a plan! I suppose Jericho didn’t get much Homeland Security funding. A cop asks, "Are we under attack?" Dad sternly informs him, "I don't want to hear that word again." Dad's emergency plan is to stick his head in the sand, apparently. He offers his own take: "It coulda been a test, coulda been an accident." And it could have been an attack. I understand that he doesn't want people to panic, but refusing to admit that it might be an attack is as stupid as assuming it's an attack. Dad goes on to mention that there are military bases around Denver.

Jake wakes up in his car. He's banged his head, and he has a mysterious puncture in the top of his left thigh. I have no idea how he got that, but whatever.

Sheriff's office. A cop enters with a box of Geiger counters. A bald guy named Greg enters, and as Dad picks up one of the Geiger counters he greets him with, "Good to see you, we can use the extra help." Greg asks what he can do, and then Dad gives him a look and says, "We'll let you know." So...when he said they could use help, he was just teasing. Dad's quite a kidder. Dad waves the Geiger counter around for a few seconds and announces, "Looks okay." That was thorough. As he puts the Geiger counter down, a few people rush in. Dad tries to reassure them, but one woman explains what she's upset about: "The school bus isn't back from the field trip with my daughter." Dad stares at her for sa second, and the woman snaps, "Do something!" Eric immediately heads out, and Dad tells her not to worry, they'll find the kids. The woman grumbles, "That's easy for you to say -- you don't have a child out there!" Dad bows his head under the weight of the dramatic irony.

Jake limps over to the station wagon, which appears to have a lot more front-end damage than his own car. Both passengers are dead. Sad music plinks. Jake starts to walk down the road, headed back toward Jericho. Um. Let's assume he at least tried to restart his car, okay?

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