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There's A New Sheriff in Town

Hunting lodge. The soldier who followed Darcy now has a gun at Hawkins's back, and orders Hawkins to drop his gun. Hawkins complies. The solider shoves Hawkins square in his back and instructs, "Now, turn around slowly and give us a hug." "Chavez," Hawkins whispers, before turning around to confirm it. "Hawkins," Chavez greets. Hawkins asks him what the hell he's doing. "Well, this is the rally point, isn't it? Better late than never," Chavez supplies. Hawkins chuckles dryly and tells Chavez to put his gun down. "You're getting lazy, old man. Ten years ago there's no way I'd get this close," Chavez replies, not putting his gun down. "Maybe," Hawkins muses calmly. "That doesn't bother you?" Chavez wonders. Another gun clicks, but this one is held up to Chavez. By Darcy. Hawkins: "Not really." Ha! "So you gonna put that down?" Hawkins asks. Chavez hands over his gun to Hawkins. "Chavez, that's my wife, Darcy. Darcy, this is Chavez," Hawkins introduces, using Chavez's gun to point at each of them, before ordering, "Let's go."

Inside the lodge, Hawkins tells Chavez that Victor was the first of their group to make it back, but then he died. Next, was Sarah, and that didn't end too well, either. "I told you to be careful about her, didn't I?" says Chavez. "And you were right," says Hawkins, interrupting him. "Thank you," Chavez nods, calculating that there's only three of them left: the two of them, and Cheung. Cheung, Chavez reports, is embedded in Cheyenne, and the two of them lost contact when Chavez infiltrated Beck's division and ended up in Nebraska a month ago. Chavez didn't count on being taken directly to Hawkins, and spitballs, "It's almost like you stuck your head out long enough for them to track your location." Hawkins says that he did, and adds, with extreme politeness, "These people needed my help, and I couldn't turn my back on them, and if you're here against me or them, well, I may have to kill you." Chavez snorts. Hawkins chuckles. Both know that he's completely, deadly, awesomely serious. "Man, you are a mess," Chavez drawls. "Well, that's as may be, but I did manage to put a few pieces together," says Hawkins, handing Chavez his gun back. Chavez seems rather surprised as he accepts it. Hawkins tells Chavez that Valente was the one controlling Sarah. Chavez didn't know that. Hawkins goes on to say that Valente is in the Cheyenne government now, but Hawkins doesn't know in what capacity. Vice Prez? Dude can't look like Dick Cheney for nothing. And where are the Cheneys from? CHEYENNE! His intel dispensed, Hawkins now wants to know what Chavez knows. "You got a minute?" Chavez asks facetiously.

Richmond Farm. Mimi walks in to find poor, lunkheaded Stanley looking over his contract with J&R. Stanley looks beaten. Mimi sits down and says, "You know I've got the original right here." She tears the contract up and hands the pieces to Stanley, who takes them and says, "I'm not a lawyer, but I don't think this changes anything." Mimi shrugs and says that she got J&R to rescind it. Stanley boggles. Not only that, Mimi got back Stanley's tractor and seed at a fair price. She also got J&R to help Stanley file a petition so that he can officially wipe out his tax debt with Cheyenne. Mimi adds, "Now, that part is free of charge as an apology to us. And they also offered me a job, which I think was part self-defense." Stanley laughs that Mimi is terrifying. Mimi takes that as a compliment and says, "I don't like people messin' with my family." Stanley ponders this. Mimi quietly says, "I'm sorry I asked you to marry me." Stanley protests that he was going to ask her, and had it all planned out -- he wanted to propose the way that his Dad proposed to his Mom. "How did he do it?" Mimi asks, cocking her head. "He asked her," explains poor, emasculated Stanley. Mimi shakes her head and apologizes again: "I'm just a very goal-oriented person, you know? I see that something needs to be done and I do it. It's just that sometimes I think that if I don't make things happen, they won't because no one will want them as much as I do--" Mimi interrupts herself in describing my personality to a "T," and gasps, "What's that?" she whispers. Stanley is holding a diamond ring in his fingers. "It's my mother's wedding ring," he tells her. "Now, please, be quiet!" Of course, he still takes some time to get his sluggish thoughts in order. Mimi, to her credit, waits patiently this time. Finally, Stanley tells Mimi that he's never loved anyone the way he loves her, and that he can't remember his life before her. Stanley gets down on one knee. Mimi gasps. "Now, I really don't think I could live without you," Stanley says, and adds that he'll do everything he can to make her happy. "So, will you marry me?" Stanley asks. Mimi holds a shaking hand up to her runny nose and sobs out, "Yeah!" "See, now? You can talk," Stanley laughs. "Yes! Yeah!" Mimi says in a very high voice. Stanley slides the ring onto her finger: "Yeah?" "Yes, I'll marry you," Mimi sobs some more, and hugs him tightly. Aw, there's going to be a wedding! Wait, no, it's Jericho, so it's a "weddin'"!

Hunting lodge. Chavez says that Cheyenne's story about the attacks being perpetrated by North Korea and Iran is, as they already know, a lie. Hawkins agrees but says that they have to find out what exactly Cheyenne is hiding. "Whatever it is, they wiped two countries off the map to cover it up," says Chavez. Dude, they nuked North Korea and Iran?! That's frickin' huge! Chavez points out the obvious: there's something rotten in the state of Wyoming, and they don't even know if it stops with Valente. All the western states have aligned with Cheyenne, and everything west of the Mississippi is getting stronger. However, the east is aligned under Columbus, Ohio -- that's where Hawkins's bomb was supposed to go, right? -- where remnants of the old administration sit. However, they're very weak and are losing support. Hawkins asks how far off Cheyenne is from winning the control of the country. "That's where the wild card comes in. An independent territory with a significant military presence and a mass of stockpiled oil reserves. They haven't chosen a side yet," Chavez says. Delaware? No, wait, it's the U.P. of Michigan, isn't it? Those wily, weird-accented Yoopers! Chavez points at Texas on the map. The Texans, he explains, are close to siding with Cheyenne; if that happens, all is lost. Chavez says that their new mission is to expose Cheyenne's secret before Cheyenne can take over the entire country. "I guess this is where the good news comes in," says Hawkins. "Oh yeah?" says Chavez, not really believing him, "What's that?" "I have evidence that could expose the whole cover-up," Hawkins teases out. Chavez transfers his gaze between Hawkins and Darcy. Hawkins takes a deep breath: "I have one of the bombs. Maybe the only one." Chavez lets out a breath, "Well, that's certainly a good start." You think?

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