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There's A New Sheriff in Town

City Hall. Beck is on the phone to a superior and tells him he doesn't think they're ready for something. However, the superior obviously pulls rank as evidenced by Beck's defeated responses of "No, sir. No, sir. Yes, sir, I appreciate that. Thank you, sir." Jake arrives as Beck hangs up. "Jake," Beck greets him warmly, pulling something out of his desk drawer. "I just came by to, uh--" Jake starts. Beck tosses the sheriff's badge on his desk. "-- To take you up on your offer," Jake finishes. "How did you know?" Beck says that he tried telling Jake before: Beck's good at what he does. Jake picks up the badge. Beck says that he'd like to tell Jake not to worry, but that his trial by fire as sheriff is coming sooner rather than later. "How's that?" Jake asks, totally afraid of the answer. Beck asks whether he heard about the president's whistle-stop tour. Jake has: it was on the news that Jimmy won't shut off. "Jericho's been added to the route," says Beck. "The president's on his way." The sentiment of the closing music is about as far away from "Hail To The Chief" as you can get. Be afraid, Jericho, be very afraid.

Next week: Still not canceled!

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