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There's A New Sheriff in Town

I can't believe we lasted ten whole minutes without some more Awesome Hawkins. Hawkins has returned home to Darcy after being gone for four days. He took the satellite link-up on the road to see who was tracking him, but was delayed when there was heavy military activity in the area. A new base camp was also set up by the new government. Darcy asks whether they were the ones tracking him. Hawkins doesn't exactly answer that as he says, "I think Valente is working with them now." Darcy wonders if Jericho is safe for them. Hawkins reminds us and his wife that Valente is looking for Sarah, because he thinks the Hawkins family is dead. Darcy ventures that the commander has asked her to keep doing admin work in the office, so she could sniff around for him. Hawkins firmly thanks her and just as firmly turns her down.

In the police department, Beck strides over to where Jake is standing and glaring at the New Bern thug, and demands an explanation. Jake growls that New Bern scum are infiltrating their town with blood feuds. Beck brings Jake up short when he tells him that his men have stopped just as many Jerichoians going over to New Bern with the same intentions. Beck tells a soldier to process the New Bern thug, and walks off into his office, leaving Jake to heave sighs of frustration, which quickly turn to delight when he sees Heather walk through the door. He grabs her in a tight hug and gasps, "Oh, my god!" Beck watches them with detached interest. Jake pulls back to grab either side of Heather's face (oh, happy face!) in his hands and half-laughs, half-sobs, "'Don't worry Jake, I'll be back in a few days'?!" Heather laughs at him quoting her and assures him that she's okay: "Major Beck was nice enough to let me grab a ride back here on his convoy so I'm--" Heather breaks off as she catches sight of the New Bern scum in the office. He glares at her. Beck looks from the scum to Heather, the wheels turning.

Richmond Farm. A J&R rep tells Stanley that he'll be planting his spring crop in no time. "And my tax debt, that's in there, too?" Stanley asks, waving a folder around. "Yep -- good as gone," the J&R rep confirms. He looks over at Mimi jogging toward them. "Your wife?" the rep asks. Not yet, Stanley tells her; he wanted to make sure that his debts were settled first. "These are the days I love my job," smiles the rep. Mimi runs up, and Stanley makes with the intros. The rep leaves. "Did you see that skin? It's like porcelain; girl's never had a restless night sleep in her life!" Mimi pants. "Mimi--" Stanley starts. "And here I am running five miles a day, so my butt dudn't hit my ankles," Mimi goes on. "MIMI!" Stanley yells. "Yes," says Mimi, finally getting it. Stanley tells her that he owns his farm again. "Jennings and Rall helped me set up a deal with the new government to wipe out my IRS debt. I give them a portion of my crop for three years, and as of now, I own my farm free and clear -- can you believe it?!" Stanley announces. Mimi throws herself at Stanley, squealing her delight. She pulls back and says, "Marry me." Stanley gives a scared half-laugh and blusters, "Wait, what?" "Marry me," Mimi repeats. "I love you, and the war's over. The lights are on, and life's good. Let's get married." Oh, Mimi. You can't propose to a cornfed farm boy! Stanley stutters and stumbles, and finally Mimi gets a scared look on her face. "Oh. Oh. Oh, wow," she steps away from him. "This is like my worst nightmare." Stanley clears his throat and tries to interrupt. Mimi starts walking away and flapping her hands, telling Stanley to forget she said anything. Stanley finally gets a word in and tells her of course he'll marry her. "I love you," he says. "I just wanted it--" He stutters some more and finally says, "You know what, forget it. Never mind. Yes, yes, I'll marry you." Mimi gives him a scathing look: "I don't want your pity!" Stanley grabs her and says, "Let's get married, okay? Let's get married. Okay?" Mimi smiles tremulously. Of course, Stanley just stands there like an idiot, so he deserves what he gets next. "Maybe you should kiss me," Mimi suggests. "Jeez!" Stanley blurts out before finally kissing her. A lot.

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