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There's A New Sheriff in Town

Police Department. Beck tells Gray, Jake, and Eric that they've restored power to 70% of town, and he anticipates full capacity by the end of the month: "Jericho's on the fast-track to recovery." Gray's happy because it doesn't take much to please him, especially when he doesn't have to exert himself in any way. "He hasn't given us the bad news yet," Jake snaps, staring down Beck. Beck smiles tightly at Jake and agrees. The bad news is that Beck has determined that New Bern is likely at fault for all the hostilities between the towns. "But?" Jake prompts. Beck starts to say, "In the spirit of reconciliation--" "You gotta be kidding me -- reconciliation?" Jake interrupts loudly. Beck talks over him to say that it's in everyone's best interest to extend a blanket of amnesty over a wide range of actions committed during the "lawless period" after the attacks. Eric shouts that Constantino can't just walk away from this. Seriously -- I want more Lassie! "To be fair, he's been removed from office," says Beck. SNORT! Yes, give him a time-out; that'll work as well as it did in fourth grade. Jake keeps yelling, but Gray yells louder that he wants to hear Beck's explanation. "This guy has been helping to protect us from a world that, frankly, has been kicking our ass for the last six months!" Gray reminds him. Jake ignores the wussy mayor and directs his grievances at Beck: "Constantino is responsible for the deaths of over sixty men and women in this town, including MY FATHER!" Gray shuts up. Jake announces, "There isn't going to be any reconciliation until he's dead!" Beck gazes at Jake briefly before telling them all to pay close attention to what he's about to say. In the background, Eric impotently makes angry faces and shifts his weight from side to side. You tell 'em, Eric -- twitch that nose! Beck says that there will be no vigilantism in his jurisdiction. There will be no revenge killings. Period. Jake just smiles meanly at him.

Beck pulls Jake into his office -- the sheriff's office, it should be noted -- and with the door closed, he tells Jake that he was tasked with pacifying a hotspot near Kandahar four years ago. "I walk into this powder keg, and I do what I always do. Try to figure out who The Guy is," Beck adds. Jake doesn't know what he's talking about: "What guy?" "The Guy!" Beck italicizes. Yeah, Jake, sort of like The Woman to Sherlock Holmes. Beck says that there's always a The Guy in these situations. Anyway, Beck arranges a meeting in a very public place in the village. "His men are armed to the teeth, just waiting for an excuse," says Beck. "So I walk up to him--" Beck walks up to Jake. "I lay my weapon down. I show him I understood his place in the order of things." Jake finally gets it: "You think I'm your guy?" Beck tells him he wants Jake to be Jericho's sheriff: "Those people followed you on the battlefield. They respect you. Help me do my job. Help these people move on. Think about it." Jake starts to leave, but turns back to ask, "What would you have done if the guy-- if he took a shot at you?" Beck looks down briefly and decides not to answer that question. Instead, he tells Jake just to think about the offer.

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