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There's A New Sheriff in Town

Richmond Farm. Mimi -- ever-thorough, ever-anal Mimi -- pores over Stanley's contract with J&R. She grabs Stanley as he passes through to take a shower and says, "Tell me you didn't sign this contract." Stanley squints down and dumbs, "I didn't sign that contract." Mimi sighs, relieved. "Yeah, I signed the other one -- that's a copy," Stanley finishes. Not good. Mimi asks whether Stanley even read the contract. Yes, he did. It says he gets his farm back. That's not all it says, Mimi explains: "First of all, you owe them a share of your crop, starting immediately, but you won't be credited for three years until -- you see? -- 'a national monetary system is reinstated by the federal government, and an exchange rate can be established.'" Stanley still doesn't get it. Mimi explains that it could take ages before the economy rights itself, and all that time, Stanley is handing over his crop. "No, I give them my crop for a while and them I'm out of debt, right?" Stanley says. Why are Stanley's lips so freakishly purple? Does he still have frostbite? "That's how you got into debt in the first place," Mimi explains, laughing in frustration. Stanley gets annoyed: "I'm not stupid." He walks off. I love how he worked off that line in a Nixonian "I am not a crook" delivery.

Bailey's. Jake outlines the plan for murdering Constantino, which basically amounts to waiting until he leaves the factory before making their move. Hawkins acts very impatient with this whole thing, and finally just leaves the bar. Is Hawkins going to pull Jake back from the dark side? Is he gently going to explain to wounded, fatherless Jake that revenge is a bad, bloody, business? Not bloody likely! As Lennie James himself told me, he's not going to be Jake's Yoda. Jake follows Hawkins out to ask: what the hell, dude? Hawkins irritably explains that Jake and the Rangers are being incredibly stupid with their plans: "You know? If you were smart? You'd let three months go by, wait until everything calms down, and then you would go in there quietly in the middle of the night and you would kill Constantino in his sleep, because THAT I would understand. But this? This is you just making a big show out of it, Jake, and it is both dangerous and stupid." "Really," Jake states, with weak bravado, still sort of confused that he doesn't have Hawkins's support. "Yes, really," Hawkins snaps back, turning away. "I can't be a part of this." Eric comes out of Bailey's and, seeing Hawkins's retreating back, asks, "He's out?" Jake confirms that Black Ops Hawkins -- the Awesome Hawkins with the guns and the tank driving and the plans and the sniper skills -- is indeed out of their dumb-ass little mission. Eric tells Jake that after what went down today with Beck, he would understand if Jake opted out of their assassination. Jake is all, "Pshaw! My daddy died!" "That's what I figured," says Eric, clapping Jake on the chest. "Sleep well," Jake tells him. For tomorrow you die, dumb-ass. Jake paces in front of Bailey's a bit more when suddenly! A Hummer pulls up! It's Beck! "Get in," Beck orders Jake from the shotgun. All things considered, Jake decides to get in. Beck stares straight ahead and practices his Clenched Jaw of Angry Disappointment.

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