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There's A New Sheriff in Town

Somewhere in that bombed-out area that became a military camp, Beck leads Jake into a tent. A tent full of DEAD BODIES! Jake is confused. "I want you to see something," Beck tells him calmly, and excuses the guard on duty. Beck unzips a black body bag and shows Jake the dead face of the New Bern scum that Heather identified and Jake tackled. Jake is having a hard time catching his breath as he pants out, "You executed him?" No, Beck explains. Not by a long shot. He sent these guys back to New Bern, but early this morning, the scum and three other armed men were found heading toward Jericho. "When we tried to apprehend them? They made the mistake of opening fire," Beck concludes. But more to the point for Beck is that the New Bern scum couldn't put his vendetta to rest, so guess what? Now he's the one put to rest. Jake tries to talk around the rising vomit in his throat, and finally leans on a folding table for support. "You asked me what I would have done if those insurgents had taken a shot at me?" Beck reminds him. "This is what I would've done. Sometimes the only way to end these things is to start removing elements from the equation." Beck puts a hand on Jake's shoulder and says, "I think you need to ask yourself--" If he feels lucky, huh? Well, does he, punk? Well, sort of. "--If your father would have wanted your story to end in one of these bags," Beck concludes. At the mention of Mayor Dad, Jake gets up to leave, but Beck grabs his arm. Jake angrily reminds Beck, "My father's dead." Yes. Yes, he is. Everyone? Just in case you missed the memo: JAKE'S FATHER IS DEAD!

A far -- but adorable -- cry from a tailored suit and heels, Mimi nevertheless has her accountant's hat on as she strides across the town center in a red floral sundress and cowboy boots. Fairly warm in Kansas for March, isn't it? Mimi also hasn't forgotten that she's from the East Coast as she walks right in front of a car and holds up her arms, asking, "Hey!" when it honks at her. Seriously, she's walking there! Mimi marches up to J&R's revival tent and tells the blonde rep who worked out Stanley's deal that they need to tear up the paperwork on the Richmond Farm. Blondie doesn't think she can do that, thus unleashing The Screaming Mimi all over her porcelain ass. "Stanley tends to sign things without paying much attention," Mimi explains. "Among the things he has signed are four years of misdated income tax returns, which make him guilty of a number of federal crimes, but it is my understanding that Cheyenne has extended an amnesty for non-violent federal crimes committed prior to the attacks, so technically? I suppose you have exposed Jennings & Rall to a nasty civil suit for coercing him into this deal on the basis of a tax debt he no longer owed." Damn -- you go, farm girl! "Yeah, that sounds like something I'm gonna need to raise with my boss," simpers Blondie. "It does, doesn't it?" Mimi simpers back, just as fakely.

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