Red Flag

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Jake and Stanley trudge down the road. Jake figures that the Jericho militia still needs weeks of training, sneering, "For every cop and veteran, we've got an accountant, a travel agent, and -- heh -- a farmer." Stanley isn't amused. He asks if Jake thinks Ravenwood will be back. Jake says, "When they run out of towns, yeah." In the country? So they've got a few generations to go before that's an issue. They try, and fail, to shoot another turkey. Then there's a new sound, and Jake and Stanley stare upward as a pair of jets zoom overhead, followed by two bombers.

Hawkins hears the planes up in the heavens, hustles his family into the Homestead basement, and hurries out. At Richmond Ranch, Mimi races outside and looks at the planes in a much less alliteration-friendly way. In town, everyone on Main Street boggles as the shadows of the airplanes pass over them.

And then we see a bunch of parachutes descending. Stanley wonders what the planes are dropping. "God only knows," says Jake. They both get into a truck and zoom off in pursuit of the parachutes.

Credit. So, it appears that Stanley has a working vehicle after all. Then why did Jake arrange for someone to give him, Mimi, and Bonnie a ride to town in the last episode? Argh. Oh, I should mention that both Johanna and Stephen Granade abandoned me for Thanksgiving. Their priorities are all out of whack. I may have to steal jokes from my nephew instead. And he only knows one knock-knock joke.

Stanley and Jake discover one of the parachutes, which has landed in a field. Attached to it is a large bundle. Stanley asks if it's a bomb, and Jake stops in his tracks, asking, "Why would someone put a parachute on a bomb?" When he turns back to the camera, he looks a little exasperated. Hee. Jake pulls out a knife and cuts open the bundle. Out fall packages of food. Jake turns over one that looks like it might be soybeans, maybe. The package has Chinese characters on it, and Stanley gasps, "What is that?" Jake says, "I'd tell you if I knew Chinese."

Main Street. Dad pulls off a tarp labeled "2/12" as the townsfolk yammer with excitement. People start reaching out to grab stuff, but Dad asks them to wait. Emily eyes the pile and asks, "Are we being invaded?" Dad points out that invasions usually feature troops, not food drops. Dad is wearing some gigantic orange sunglasses, by the way. Mom whines, "Why isn't our own government helping us?" Apparently, Mom hasn't been watching the "previously" montage. Good Cop and Bad Cop turn up, and Good Cop says that he saw twelve parachutes coming down. Dad orders "everyone with a working vehicle" to go track down the packages, and also asks Good Cop to track down Eric.

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