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Allison is helping Darcy to put the food on the table, grumping, "Maybe Dad will be home in time for our first Christmas together." Samuel insists that Hawkins will turn up, and Darcy agrees. Allison sniffs that Darcy always makes excuses for him, and exits.

Richmond Ranch. Stanley's sitting out on the porch, although at least there's a tree masking the hills behind him. He tells Mimi that he doesn't have a concussion, though he does appear to have a split lip. He starts toward the truck, saying that he's gonna go after Jonah. Mimi does not approve, and begs him not to go. Then she grabs his hand, and says, "If anything happened to you..." Stanley looks down curiously at her hand, and asks, "Are we supposed to be feeling sexual tension here?" Then Mimi tells him to think about Bonnie. I don't know why Stanley should think about Bonnie when the writers hardly ever do.

The Greens and the cops march out into the street with their shotguns. Emily spots Jake and demands to know where they're all going. Jake says, "To get the generator." Which Emily knows all about. Apparently. As everyone else gets into his or her car, Emily warns Jake that if they push Jonah, he'll push back. Jake asks, "What do you want me to do?," and without waiting for a response, he gets in his car, gives Emily a "Ha, guess I told you there!" look, and drives away.

Jake peers at Jonah through a pair of binoculars, and through the magic of gobos, so do we! He scans the rest of the compound and tells Hawkins that he doesn't see the pallets. But he spoke too soon, since immediately after that, he spots some familiar-looking broken cardboard boxes on the back of a truck. And there's the generator, too. How'd they lift that thing up onto the truck? Maybe they have a forklift. Maybe they'll try to kill Jake with a forklift. Jake hands the binoculars to Hawkins so that he can take a look, which I only mention because then we see a shot of the truck without the binocular-vision matting. I'm not sure if this is meant to show that Hawkins is too cool for gobos, or if it just means that you don't really need binoculars to see a huge truck fifty yards away. Either way, it's funny. Having finishing their recon, Hawkins and Jake scamper back out of sight.

One of Jonah's flunkies patrols the fence surrounding part of the compound. As he walks around a corner, someone shoves a backpack under the bottom of the chain link fence. Then this mysterious person snips the wires, loosening the fence enough to squeeze under it. Cut to the unknown person-- oh, screw it: it's Emily. But we're not supposed to know that yet. She rolls under a dumpster or something, and pulls her gear in after her just as another flunkie appears.

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