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O! Let me Suffer, Being at Your Beck

Hawkins loads up the back of an SUV and gets a phone call from John Smith. "What's this I hear about Texas?" John Smith asks. Hawkins plays dumb. John Smith tells him he has contacts in the Texas government, "You promised the bomb, didn't you?" Hawkins denies this and says he hasn't promised anything to anyone. "That bomb is the key to bringing down this government, and they know it. They'll never let you get it to Texas," John Smith goes on. Still loading the car, Hawkins asks what John Smith suggests he do instead. Well, Smith found a "secure destination" closer to home that will not necessitate any border crossings. There they can examine the bomb and prove their case to some people friendly to their cause. However, Smith doesn't have it all worked out yet, so he wants Hawkins to sit tight for one or two days until he contacts him. Hawkins agrees and snaps the phone shut. Darcy comes out and asks when Hawkins is leaving. "Now," Hawkins says, without hesitation. YEAH YOU ARE! Darcy steps off the porch to say goodbye. Hawkins wants her to keep the kids at the hut until everything blows over. Darcy looks at the bomb in the back of the SUV and pleads with him to tell her that he has a plan to get the bomb to Texas with no one checking his trunk. In response, Hawkins unzips his jacket and shows off his powder blue Jennings & Rall polo shirt. Darcy looks wonderingly at him and says, "You stole a shirt?" with a "that's your grand plan?!" tone. Hawkins chuckles and says, "No" He slams up the tailgate of the SUV. It's emblazoned with the Jennings & Rall insignia. "I stole a truck, too," Hawkins says and explains that J&R gets a free pass at checkpoints. Darcy asks him to please tell her he has a plan to get back to Jericho as well. Hawkins' face drops and he moves in to kiss his wife tenderly, not making a promise he can't keep. Hawkins slams the hatchback shut and prepares to move out.

Waving a piece of paper, Heather storms into Beck's office and demands to know what this Wanted sign is all about. Beck thinks it's pretty self-explanatory. The town will be squeezed out of power, food, and water until the Rangers are brought in. "I've been defending you!" Heather protests angrily. "How long or how much this town suffers is up to its citizens," Beck says, "Someone knows where those men are." Heather retorts, "The Rangers where saving lives back when you couldn't have found Jericho on a map." Heh, that's the post-apocalyptic version of "before you were born!" response. Heather goes on, "They kept order, fought off raiders, organized the fight against New Bern -- people aren't going to just give them up!" Well, if there are more selfish weaklings like Farmer Fred out there, they will. "Whatever their reasons," Beck says, walking around his desk to get closer to Heather, "This government will not tolerate insurrection." Heather steps closer to Beck, "You remember the question you asked me when you offered me this job and I didn't want it? You asked me if I couldn't tell the difference between you and Phil Constantino." Beck cocks his head at her, waiting for where this is going. Heather curls her lip with disgust, "Right now, I can't." Beck takes a breath and a step back, not able to meet Heather's gaze any more. He looks down at his desk. Heather follows his gaze and looks down at Beck's upturned helmet. Inside is a photo of what must be his wife and kid. Yes, yes, we all read The Things They Carried. Heather looks slightly sorry for what she said. Beck catches her looking at his helmet and turns it over. "Then help me," Beck pleads, "Talk to Jake yourself." Heather looks sorrowfully at him. "Get him to realize what he's doing to this town," Beck goes on. Heather's face hardens, "You've had him in custody three days, he's not doing this. You are." Beck shakes his head and looks away. "I don't know if I can keep defending you," Heather says softly. Beck snaps his head up to look at her, but she's already backing away from him and walking out. Beck sits there, troubled and looking like he might break into "Reason to Live".

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