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O! Let me Suffer, Being at Your Beck

POLL: Loose end that won't be tied up by the end of next week's episode:

A. Whether Branch Rogerian will ever rise again.

B. Why Jake finds Emily at all attractive.

C. The location of Jericho's secret candle factory.


E. What the deal was with those freaking handcuffs and the bloody mattress!

F. The air date of Jericho's spin-off: The New Chronicles of Jake and the Black Man

The light switches on over Jake's red and swollen face. We get close-ups of his squinting eyes as he lapses into unconsciousness. Suddenly, he's with Grampy Green at the Happy Hunting Hut, and Grampy is commenting that there aren't many deer out there any more. Jake says, "I don't know how much more I can take, Granpa." Grampy is unruffled and tells him, "They're just trying to soften you up. A man's mind doesn't work very well without sleep. Break a man's mind, he'll give you anything you want." Is this a cue for Leadbelly's "They haven't broke my miiiiind, they haven't broke my body, and they haven't broke my spirit!"? "Like they tried with you at Anzio," Jake realizes. Grampy says the Germans captured over four hundred of them in that ambush, and he survived by thinking about home, about Grammy Green, and how the lives of his men in his unit depended on him. Grampy reminds Jake that people are depending on him. Jake flashes back to consciousness (such as it is when you're being Gitmo'd).

Mary hangs out with Mimi in her hospital room. Edgily, Mimi asks, "Have you seen Stanley?" Mary nods and carefully says that he's with Eric and Emily. Mimi struggles to sit up and quietly asks how he is. Mary looks at her sadly, "He's not talking. To anybody." Mimi stands up and insists that Mary take her to him. Is Beck not smart enough to put a tail on these two women? Maybe he was never able to learn the Jericho gossip about who was sleeping with whom, but given that Mimi was shot at the Richmond farmhouse, Beck should be able to put two and two together.

Jake flashes into another conversation with Grampy Green. He wants to know why he got a second chance when he hurt everybody close to him. "But Stanley..." he trails off, "Stanley never hurt a soul in his life and he --" Jake can't go on. Grampy nods wisely, "And he lost everything." "How is that right?!" Jake demands. Grampy begins, "Life doesn't --" "Life doesn't work on a balance sheet," Jake interrupts, "I know, but it should!" "And your punishment is to sit in this hole and die," Grampy says, "How does that bring back Bonnie? Or the Stanley you knew? Or the little girl in Iraq." "It's a start!" Jake insists, getting up and walking away. "It's an ending!" Grampy calls after him. Okay, now I'm totally confused about what Grampy's advising him to do. Jake demands, "What choice do I have?" Grampy says, "The answer is --" Blowing in the wind? "Beck," Grampy finishes. Jake doesn't even know where to start with him, "And he's too stubborn to listen." "Your father said that about you once," Grampy remembers, "And you turned out real nice." Okay, so Major Beck is no longer the new Major Dad, because Jake is the dad and Beck is now the son? No wonder this family is so dysfunctional. Jake says it's not a matter of convincing one man that he's wrong, "It's a whole system!" "You think it's impossible?" Grampy asks and then adds that it's all happened before, "If the names weren't Jennings and Rall, they would be names like --" Halliburton? KBR? George W. Bush? "The British East India Trading Company," Grampy goes on, "If it wasn't Ravenwood, it would be --" BLACKWATER! "The Hessian Mercenaries. It all comes down to the same thing." Jake looks up at his grandfather. "Revolution," he realizes. Grampy nods, smiling. "Revolution" echoes as we flash back to Jake's cell. He squints at the lights again, but not with pain. He squints with resolve. Wow, Mayor Dad can't visit Jake even in an unconscious afterlife. How grudgey is he?

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