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O! Let me Suffer, Being at Your Beck

Beck sits in Jake's cell with a cup of water next to him. He looks up from a file and reads about Jake's father and grandfather, both Army Rangers. "Both your father and grandfather were great soldiers," Beck muses, "Mine too. I know how hard it can be to live up to someone else's legacy." Beck reads that both Greens became mayor and wonders if they would have supported the citizens of Jericho taking the law into their own hands. Jake is silent.

Meanwhile, the citizens of Jericho rush into the town square and hurl Molotov cocktails at J&R. Beck's soldiers impotently run at them with guns raised.

"Never would have let it get back that far," Jake mutters. Beck turns around, "Excuse me?" "They would have never handed over this town to a mercenary," Jake tells Beck. Beck slams the folder shut and crouches next to Jake, whispering, "They didn't have to do what I'm doing -- stopping Americans from killing Americans. Getting a country back on its feet." Jake chuckles mirthlessly. "Open your eyes," he sneers, "It's not a country, it's a company and you're just middle management." BURN! "The people of Jericho are going to take this town back," Jake goes on, "You're going to have a revolt on your hands."

In the town square, a soldier yells, "Halt!" But J&R is already ablaze. I want Beck to go outside and exclaim, "Those aren't the Northern Lights -- that's Jennings and Rall!"

Outside Jake's cell, Beck tells a soldier that Jake's digging in, and their tactics aren't working. "Next steps," Beck says. The soldier yessirs and tells him there's a call for him. Beck picks up a bagphone. Ooh, they're in somebody's kitchen. This must be a repossessed farm. Smith's voice tells Beck, "I have some information on a terrorist you're hunting." "Who is this?" Beck demands. Smith just says, "I know you think you're searching for Sarah Mason, but she's been dead for a few months." Beck continues to demand, "Who am I speaking with?!" Poor Beck, he's coming unraveled and doesn't know whether to wind his butt or go sailing. Smith tells him to look at his fax machine. An address is coming through. "The terrorist she worked with killed her," Smith goes on as Beck rips the fax out. "His name is Robert Hawkins," Smith says. Beck is gazing down at Hawkins' face above his address. "And he has a nuclear bomb," Smith adds. Beck lets the phone slide down his face.

Jake stares into the hot light. "Jake?" comes Ma Green' voice. Her head blocks the light. She kneels next to her son, fussing over him. Jake asks what she's doing there. "I heard you were in a little bit of trouble," Ma Green says, smiling. She looks behind her at the soldier standing guard. The guard hands her some water, and she helps it down Jake's throat. Ma Green whispers that he can't keep this up and she can't stand to see him like this. She tells him to tell Beck whatever it is he wants to know. "Please," she says, "And then he'll release you." "No, Mom," Jake mutters, shaking his head blindly, "No." Ma Green looks back at the soldier again. She leans in suddenly and says, "I love you son." Once her mouth is next to Jake's ear, she hisses, "Eric and the boys are coming. Stay alert. Don't give up." She looks Jake hard in the eye and leaves. "Mom...?" Jake mutters, seeming to pass out. I don't know why I found Ma Green's hissing tone creepy, but I did.

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