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The Few, The Proud, The Fake

Hawkins House. As Hawkins joins Sarah in the basement, she quickly stashes her BlackOpsBerry out of sight. Don't be so dramatic; it's not like Hawkins doesn't know you have it. Freak. Hawkins has been thinking that maybe it's not such a good idea for him to leave his family. Sarah is annoyed, because they've been over this already. Hawkins thinks he can protect them. Sarah points out that his family never mattered before. Well, bitch, now they do, just like they did when he left D.C. "What's it going to take?" Sarah sneers. "Someone slitting your wife's throat before you get it?" Hawkins grabs Sarah, stares at her, and decides, "You're right. We will drop them at the safe house and then we'll keep moving." Sarah agrees that it's the right thing to do. Hawkins knows now. He's no longer being Mohinder; he finally gets it. Now, for a nice, hot cup of curare tea. Carefully, Hawkins touches Sarah's cheek and betrays her with a kiss.

Bailey's Bar. Mimi is jazzed about being an accountant again. "Does that mean I'm back in debt?" Stanley wonders. You know how D.C. blew up? Yeah, well, I think all those papers got exploded, Stan. Mimi burbles at him not to be so negative, because New York made it, and come next year, she'll be walking through Central Park. Stanley just shakes his head at her and makes a sour face. Mimi's all, "What?" Sean, Bonnie's punk, comes bounding into the bar -- are underagers allowed? -- and announces, "Dude, this is awesome! I could totally be a Marine!" Class, meet Sean -- he just moved to Jericho from California. "Duuuude!" Stanley surf-talks back, "I could TOTALLY see that happenin'!" Sean actually believes Stanley for a moment, and nods back happily. "Except for everything ABOUT you," Stanley adds. I can't read sign language, but I'm pretty sure Bonnie just told her brother to "piss off." Stanley and his chin return the compliment, and then, as Bonnie and Sean leave, Stanley points at Sean. I...think it's a threat? Mimi tells him to chill, because it's just a phase and soon the kid will be gone. "Yeah, and maybe you can give him a ride out of town," Stanley snaps. Mimi tries to explain the impossible -- that thinking about leaving town isn't the same as thinking about leaving Stanley. Stanley's not convinced. Mimi suggests that he come with her, but Stanley gets up from the bar, announcing that New York is not his life. He leaves. "Well, this isn't MINE!" Mimi half-whispers.

Hawkins House. Ewwww, Hawkins and Sarah are still making out! Finally, they come up for air, and Hawkins thinks that they need to get back to loading the truck. Sarah gives him one more lingering kiss and leaves, checking him out as she goes up the stairs. Hawkins smiles at her until she's out of sight, and then immediately drops his smile and pulls her BlackOpsBerry from his back pocket. NICE! He flips it open and reads through the messages. We see the name she's been corresponding with: "Farabee."

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