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The Few, The Proud, The Fake

Hawkins House. Sarah helps Sam with boxes, and the music gets dangerous. Putting down her pack, Sarah sees the top pouch unzipped and her BlackOpsBerry gone. Making sure Sam is engrossed in a coloring book about math, Sarah pulls her gun from her back waistband -- does she have a holster back there, or does she just stick it down her pants? Because, uncomfortable! -- and walks through the room.

Meanwhile, Hawkins gets up to speed on what Sarah's been saying to her contact about Hawkins, his family, and his huge package.

Instead of going downstairs, Sarah, gun hanging by her side, sidles over to Sam.

Once Hawkins reads that Sarah was going to use his family against him, he slides the BlackOpsBerry shut and pulls out his gun.

Upstairs, Sarah is standing uncomfortably close to Sam. Hawkins forces a smile for Sam and glares at Sarah, who tells him that he has something of hers. Glaring. Staring. Gun on thigh. Glaring. Sam's big eyes. Staring. Drums. Commercial.

After the commercial, there's still glaring and staring. Sarah invites Sam to sit on the couch with her while she and Hawkins talk. "You go ahead, Sam," Hawkins says in an unnaturally loud voice. "Just play with your coloring books." As soon as Sam turns around, Hawkins raises his arms to show he isn't threatening anything, and uncocks his gun. Sam looks around at the noise. Hawkins whips the gun out of sight. Then we get a really weird view of Hawkins. From Sam and Sarah's vantage point, Hawkins looks really short. Bizarrely so. He's wearing this long sweatshirt and jeans that bag at the ankles. Plus, his knees look sort of knocked together -- it's really odd. I blame Wardrobe for making him look like a munchkin. Sarah and Hawkins continue to glare and stare. Turning to look over the back of the couch, Sarah raises her gun and levels it at Hawkins. Hawkins puts his gun in a drawer. Someone is going to die tonight, and it's not going to be Hawkins, tra la la! Hawkins shows Sarah the BlackOpsBerry and says, "This is what you want, right?" It's not the only thing. Sarah gestures at Hawkins to sit down, and tells him he's been lying to her: "When did you fall back in love with your wife?" Hawkins chuckles. Sam looks around. "It's okay," Hawkins tells him in a very not-okay voice, "You go back to your book." Hawkins sits down and ponders.

MIC takes a look at Jericho's Blackboard of Doom, and notes that they did better than most towns the Marines have seen. If he were a cartoon character, he'd have dollar signs aah-oogahing and popping out of his head. "Town's lucky to have a military man in charge," says MIC. I assume that he means Dad, even though he's looking at Gray, because Gray looks slightly crestfallen. "Well, I guess we've done all right," says Dad quietly. Gray steps in loudly: "With the salt from my mines, we've been able to do some trading with some nearby towns." His mines? Really? I don't remember that at all. MIC notes that Jericho seems to have been blessed, and then says that, because of that, it won't be top priority on the aid list. Gray stutters and stammers over his greediness, and gets mad that because Jericho planned better than other towns, its residents won't get served in a quick manner. Kicking about at the ground with his feet, Dad mutters to Gray that they can get along a while longer if they have to. Gray's not having it, especially since he's the one who will be blamed. Ignoring Gray, MIC asks Dad for their wish list, and says he'll see what they can do. MIC and Dad leave Gray to shift and stare at his Blackboard of Doom.

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