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The Few, The Proud, The Fake

Jake and Maggie bond over cannibalizing the ham radio, and Jake's injuries. Jake admits that someone ran them off the road, and that he was just trying to stay alive, "you know?" Maggie gives him eyes over the smoke of her soldering iron: "I do." Aw, the smell of melting metal is so romantical. Jake pries a little bit into Maggie's Marinehood. She got bored with an office job and wanted to see the world, but so far, she's seen Omaha. Jake's seen the world -- just all the wrong places. "Man, you have got this brooding, bad-boy thing down to an art!" Maggie laughs. Jake grins, embarrassed to be discovered.

Hawkins House. Hawkins realizes that the recordings Sarah sent of her capture were just her playing him. "Me playing you?" Sarah scoffs, "We were living together. I showed up here, and you have a family again!" Sam looks around again. Hawkins tells him it's okay: "It's just a story, you know? It's just a story we're telling." Yeah, Richard Scarry's Guns, And Bombs, And Things That Go Boom. Sarah's pissed about promises Hawkins made her and broke. Hawkins asks whether she was working for the people in the video. "I was, but now I'm working for myself," Sarah replies. She's a freelancer. Better save those receipts, Sarah. I think you might be able to write off your ammo.

Jake and Maggie continue to bond about their hopes and dreams. Maggie hopes one day to settle in a down like Jericho "for the duration." What does that mean, exactly? Usually when people say that, it's in the context of "For the duration of my long, painful, and exceedingly drawn-out illness," or "for the duration of my confinement." Meaning, pregnancy, and we're back in a Jane Austen novel again. Jake confesses to thinking about flying again -- maybe even for the military, because it's safer than being on the ground. "Not if you're a radio operator," Maggie points out, grinning. "I'm the safest of all. I get to ride in the tank." Except that your radio -- THE RADIO THAT YOU ARE FIXING RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW -- got hit. Jake points that out, because he's Jake. Maggie has a quick answer: "What, you think a girl can't get out and kick some ass every once in awhile?" Not when you're supposed to be maintaining radio contact. Maggie finishes the radio and gets up. She's going to call division HQ in Dodge City. "That's about two hundred miles away," Jake points out. Well, their trusty radio has made it farther. Maggie gets all military speak on the radio and calls their division head. She gets a response telling them to get the hell back to Dodge. Roger and out. (I wish he was, actually.) Maggie packs up. Jake bugs his swollen face and asks what's going on. He's told that the Marines have been called back to the base.

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