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The Few, The Proud, The Fake

Hawkins House. Hawkins wants to know what Sarah intends to do with the package. "Sell it, and get as far away from here as possible," Sarah responds. Now, who is going to buy it? And with what? And where will she go? 'Cause I don't think any planes are flying to Bermuda these days. This makes Hawkins laugh, for some reason. Sarah also represses a smile. Hawkins quickly drops his smile and asks what happened to her. "In the last two months, I've learned two things: everybody has a price, and everybody lies," says Sarah. I guess we're supposed to believe that she was once good, but that the nuclear holocaust soured her on the beauty and wonder that is life? Darcy walks in right And where has she been? Has she learned of the tanks? How has she NOT learned of the tanks? There's a flurry as Sam tries to jump up, Darcy sees the gun, Sarah slams Sam back into the couch, Hawkins tells Darcy to stay where she is, and Sarah waves her gun around some more.

In the dark town square, Gray does a pee-pee dance around the Semper Faux as he realizes that they are bugging out. They've been called back to base, and MIC isn't at liberty to discuss it. Then there's a little skit all for Mayor Gray's benefit. The Semper Faux don't have enough fuel to get the tank back to base. They might have to leave it behind with two guards on post. But without the tank, the Semper Faux are sitting ducks! They're Marines, they'll make do. Cue Mayor Gray: "I can get you fuel. Not much, but enough to get you back to Dodge." MIC is listening. Gray sees how this is going to go: "Plus whatever supplies you need, but I just need assurances that Jericho's going to be taken care of." MIC talks about some Red Cross supplies that are supposed to be arriving in Kansas. He can promise that Jericho will be at the top of the list. "That's all I ask," says Mayor Gray. It's very important to be at the top of an imaginary list. MIC tells his troops that they are going to stand down for one hour while the mayor sells the town out from under it.

Jake strolls with Maggie and asks if she'll be back to Jericho. She won't, and she tells him he'll have a whole new set of "grunts" to flirt with: "And the Corps of Engineers are nowhere cute as I am." Jake tells her she should think about coming back when she gets out. Dude, Heather's abducted body is barely warm and...this? Jake's trying to fill a hole in his bad-boy heart, is that it? Maggie asks what Jake thinks she would do in Jericho. Bake pies? Jake doesn't know, but thinks she's a good fit. Maggie waxes self-pityingly: "You know, before all of this started, I might have agreed with you...I won't make it back here." Jake steps closer, because if Maggie won't make it back, there's no commitment in stealing a kiss. Perfunctorily, Maggie turns around and awkwardly steps toward Jake to kiss him. It's barely a kiss. It's more of a bump. I'm not satisfied. Jake leans in with half-closed eyes for more, but before we even get to the "bam" in bamp-chicka-chicka," the door flies open and MIC yells, "Corporal MULLIN!" Maggie responds. "Why is your gear not loaded up?" MIC demands, as Jake grins in embarrassment. "Uh," Maggie grasps. MIC rolls his eyes and tells her not to answer that. Jake pulls his hoodie over his head to hide. He's grinning. He's cute. MIC tells Maggie that everyone is heading over to Town Hall, where the Mayor wants to express his appreciation to the Semper Faux, but that someone needs to stay with the gear, and guess what? Maggie just drew the short straw. MIC leaves, and for some reason, the kissing doesn't continue. Jake and Maggie just giggle a bit, and Jake goes to get more supplies.

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