Termination For Cause

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Stanley Goetz Goetz

Suddenly, Trish appears behind one of the Ravenwood men. Both approach Goetz. "I'm Director Jamison, Ravenwood Regional HQ," the Ravenwood man announces. Goetz nods at him. "All you guys saddle up -- we're moving out!" Jamison orders. Goetz whines that he's in the middle of an operation. Jamison looks at him, "No, you're not." YEAH YOU AREN'T! Jamison yells and gestures, "Take their rifles!" Goetz looks concerned.

As Jake and Hawkins watch the proceedings from their hiding places, both grin slightly. Aw, it's nice to see them smile for once.

After the rifles are repossessed, Jamison yells out, "Let's move!" "Where're we going?" Goetz asks. Trish steps up: "They're being redeployed." Goetz looks at her. She tips her head and says, "You're fired." Something in me really wanted her to say, "You're so fired." I don't know why. Goetz sneers that she can't fire him. Trish agrees, "Well, I can't, but he can. In fact he already did." She hands over a piece of paper. So, Ravenwood wouldn't also arrest him for embezzling? Goetz looks at the paper and bravados, "Feel better?" "I hope you rot in hell," Trish tells him sincerely. She turns to the rest of the group and yells, "Leave them here, they can walk back." Walk back where? To Jericho? Also, they all still have their side arms, which totally confuses me. So what if they lost their rifles; they're still armed. The truck and Humvees take off, leaving Goetz and his six men. Okay, so are the six men fired as well, or just Goetz? They stand around in the dust of their repossessed vehicles, looking like fools.

Up in their hiding place, Eric hisses, "Now?" You think, Eric? I don't know, it's a tough call. "Yeah, now!" Jake agrees and they move in. As they clear the trees, Hawkins starts yelling, "Goetz! Goetz, I wanna see your HANDS!" (SO HE CAN SHOOT THEM OFF!) "Remember we need him alive!" Jake yells at his team.

Goetz looks confuddled before commenting, "No way!" WAY! Goetz and his men pull out their guns and start firing. See? Why? Stupid. The Jerichoians drop for cover, but at least Hawkins gets a Goon before he takes cover. Goetz starts to run away with his men providing cover fire. Another Goon goes down after being hit in the chest -- wouldn't these jackholes be wearing vests? -- and Eric looks in surprise at a group scampering down a hill, also firing. "Who is that?" Eric yells. Goetz runs to hide behind a tree and keeps firing. Jericho keeps up their attack of the tree, and suddenly Goetz is out of ammo. Too bad, so sad. Hawkins yells at everyone to cease fire. Jake echoes this order. Goetz makes a rueful glare before coming out from behind his tree, his hands out to his sides. Note that he isn't actually holding them submissively over his head? "Hold your fire," Goetz says. The Jerichoians hold their fire, but they also hold their aim. Jake pulls out another gun and trots toward Goetz, the gun aimed. Goetz walks down to meet the Jerichoians. He looks down at his men, all dead, apparently.

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