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The New Bernies also run toward Goetz. Jake finally catches sight of them and points a gun their way, yelling, "What the hell are you doing here?!" Russell yells that they came for Goetz. They've been tracking him all night, waiting for their chance to make their grab. "Thanks," Russell tosses to Jake. "No way, Russell, you can't have him!" Jake yells. Doesn't Goetz feel popular? So many people want to kill him! "Wanna bet?" Russell challenges, pointing his gun at Jake. Oh, Russell, you so don't want to go there! Jake insists that they're handing him over to Beck. "Handing him over?!" Russell boggles. Seriously, Jake should have just let Russell take Goetz. They could have just said that New Bern overpowered them and been clean of all blame. Meanwhile, Stanley's truck pulls up. Jake argues that if Goetz ends up dead, Beck will wreak havoc on both towns. "He has three killings to answer for in New Bern!" Russell exclaims. "Yeah, well he's in Jericho!" Jake yells. Ah, falling back on county lines. An oldie but goodie! By the way, hi Russell! Jake hasn't seen you in awhile -- how're things? "He's under arrest for Bonnie Richmond's murder," Jake continues. Aw, would that be Jake's first arrest? How cute! "We are fighting an army that has more guns than we do, more men than we do!" Jake yells. Meanwhile, Stanley strides up to the scrum. "What we need is resolve!" Russell says. Not to nitpick, but does he mean, "resolution"? Meanwhile, Stanley's getting closer and reaching into his pocket. "And Goetz? He's the fuel for that resolve!" Russell goes on. Oh, that sort of resolve. I still think he means something other than resolve. Meanwhile, Stanley's pulled a gun and has it against Goetz's head. "Stanley!" Emily calls, nervously. Hawkins looks over. Okay, that's not fair to Hawkins's character. Not only would Hawkins have heard the click of the gun cocking, he would have been paying attention to Stanley's arrival when his truck was a mile down the road.

Everyone's looking at Stanley's shaking hand holding the gun at Goetz's eye. Russell looks over all, "The hell?" Of course, they would have known each other during Stanley's time in New Bern, so Russell should have made the Richmond connection. Jake calls out sharply to Stanley. Stanley glances over at him, but looks right back at Goetz. Jake lowers his gun away from Russell and starts to approach Stanley. "Stanley --" he half-whispers. Stanley closes his eyes and squeezes the trigger. TOEPICK! Guess this is what the 10:00 slot Goetz you. Russell jumps and then looks disappointed. Jake stares at Goetz's body. Stanley looks down, sickened. Hawkins crouches to check the body. Jake looks wide-eyed over at his childhood friend. The gun drops from Stanley's nerveless fingers, and he stumbles away from the body, retching on his knees in the dry grass. Emily rushes to his side. Russell drops his head all, "Shit! I wanted to do that!" When Emily gets to Stanley's side, Eric is already there, holding Stanley up by grasping the back of his shirt. Not to criticize, Eric, but you're pulling the fabric tighter around Stanley's chest and neck and probably making it harder for him to get it all the barf out. Russell and that other New Bernie walk up to the body, but Jake orders, "Stay back!" Hawkins stands up and says, "Jake, that doesn't matter -- whether Goetz goes missing or his body's found, Beck is going to put the pieces together. You know he will. The minute that body hit the ground, this became a whole different deal." Jake doesn't want to recognize this, but he knows Hawkins is right. He gives a bare nod to Russell, who nods back. Hawkins backs away from Goetz's body. Russell and his men grab Goetz.

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