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Stanley Goetz Goetz

At Beck's little campsite, Beck gets news on the phone bag that the New Bern sector is clear with no signs of insurgency. A solider walks in and says, "Sir, you're gonna wanna see this for yourself." How many times has that been said in this episode? Beck drives up to the New Bern county line with his men. There's a big happy sign that says, "Welcome to New Bern Home of the Panthers." Small print says, "And the Costco." Beck gets out of his army transport and looks up. We see two feet, then two legs dangling. Beck clenches his jaw angrily. The camera pans up to show a dead Goetz hanging from his arms with a bloody head. Again, um, not to nitpick, but at such close range wouldn't most of Goetz's skull be sort of gone? Pulling farther back, we get a creepy silhouette that shows how Russell and his men must've tied Goetz hands with a length of rope, thrown that rope over the branch of a tree, and manually hauled Goetz's body up into the air over the road.

Next week: Even more hell breaks loose!

Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic is a writer/editor in San Francisco. You can find other examples of her writing at The Grub Report and Bay Area Bites. Two of her biggest achievements to date are that she made a bread Jacques Pépin didn't hate while working on More Fast Food My Way and that she survived Enterprise and Jennifer Love Hewitt's breastages.

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