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Down in the morgue, Stanley sits next to his sister's body in his Bonnie-stained shirt. Eric, trying to be helpful in a boneheaded way, tells Stanley this isn't his fault. "What are you talking about?" Stanley asks sharply without looking at him. Eric goes on that when April died, all he could think about was how he hadn't done enough, that it was his fault. Stanley's all, "Been there, done that. Dead parents, remember?" Stanley shakes his head that he hated himself for being alive after his parents' accident, "But there was this little girl to take care of. I sort of pulled myself out of it." Eric nods that he knows this is harder, "Your parents -- that was an accident. An act of God." "Aren't they all?" Stanley asks bitterly. He looks up at the wall, "I don't blame myself."

Upstairs, we should all be nervous to note that Farmer Fred -- the turncoat from last week -- is a Ranger guarding Mimi. One of the Rangers calls Jake to the window to show him that Goetz is getting out of his Humvee of Evil. "He's got someone with him." The phone in the Med Center rings. It's one of the Rangers' wives. The Ranger takes the phone and tells his wife to calm down. He hangs up and tells Jake that his wife is outside: "They just went into the house and got her." Ranger Gary goes on, "Look, I'm with you guys, I am, but she's scared out of her mind." Bill is in full light, and he's just sort of looking concerned, but Jake? My god, Jake is way behind Bill, back by the wall, in almost complete darkness, and you can STILL see him emoting with his face! Like, I'm surprised there isn't smoke coming out of his ears! However, his anger is not aimed at Ranger Gary. He tells Gary he needs to go to his wife. "It's just that she's outsi --" Ranger Gary apologizes. "It's all right! Go!" Jake orders. Bill takes Gary's gun and tells him it's okay. Gary totally feels really bad. He looks back apologetically a few times. He leaves the rest of the Rangers wondering what will happen to their families. Jimmy suddenly pipes up like he just realized what this all means, "They're going after our families?" Jake clenches his jaw and barely nods.

OH YES OH YES OH YES! Here we ARE! I'm about to pee in my pants, I'm so excited for this scene! A door opens to a dark house. "D?" Hawkins calls out, flipping on a light. Yes! Yes! PLEASE knock on this door, Goons! PLEASE! Hawkins lightly shoves the door closed behind him and walks all the way in, calling out for Darcy. Two Goons step in, preventing the door from closing. "Mr. Hawkins?" one of them greets. Hawkins turns half around, "Can I help you?" Oh, he looks dangerous! He looks DEADLY! Seriously, check out his EYES! They're as flat, black, and emotionless as a shark's! "Sorry, can we come in?" one of the Goons asks. "Well --" Hawkins gestures with a mirthless laugh, indicating, "You're already in, so, you know, I'm gonna have to kill you." The talking Goon says they stopped by a half hour ago, "Guess you weren't home yet." Guess not. Hawkins shakes his head silently and asks, "What can I do for you?" Besides kill them, that is. The talking Goon takes out a piece of paper, frowns at it, and asks if he's related to a Darcy Hawkins. Hawkins' answering frown signs their death certificates. "Yeah," he says, suspiciously, "What's happened?" The talking Goon explains, "A group of armed men has taken control of the Medical Center and we believe she's among the hostages inside." "Really?" Hawkins asks, acting way more worried than I think he feels just to play along. He asks what he can do. The talking Goon says, "Well, we need you to come down and talk to her on the phone." Hawkins nods, understanding. "Just try to convince her to leave a very dangerous situation," the talking Goon overreaches. A hard look comes into Hawkins' eyes. He squints and says, "I don't understand -- if she's being held hostage, how can me talking to her get her out of there?" The talking Goon barely represses a condescending smile at this small townie's unnecessary questions and says they'll explain everything on the scene, saying, "But we do need to go now." Hawkins glances over at the silent Goon and says, "Okay. Okay, I'm parked out front, let me just get my keys --" He steps back into the living room, and instantly the silent Goon follows him threateningly. Oh, you dumbasses. You have NO idea how much you're going to regret menacing this man.

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