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The talking Goon says pleasantly, "Sir, it'd be best if you just came with us." Seriously, why does one talk and the other not? Are they, like, the Penn & Teller of J&R? Hawkins looks with amused surprise at the silent Goon and just laughs, "Okay." Coiled like a snake, he waits until both Goons turn around before he lunges for the silent one, claps a hand over his mouth, SPIN-SNAPS his neck, throws him into a table, and has his gun leveled at the talking Goon's face all before the talking Goon can even react. THAT'S THE AWESOME I'M TALKING ABOUT! Mathra and I screamed our throats off and charged the TV set after this scene. Once we remembered we couldn't actually slap Hawkins on the back, we pounded a few tallboys and smashed the cans on our foreheads. He growls, "Where's my wife?!" I totally wanted Hawkins to hiss, "I SAID I wanted MY KEYS!" but I can't quibble with the Awesome already present. Man, Jake should THANK Ravenwood for getting Hawkins for him because NOW some shit can get DONE!

In her hospital room, Mimi hazily comes to. Darcy rushes to her bedside. Mimi looks around her and asks where she is. "You're at the Med Center," Darcy tells her gently, "You're going to be fine." "Oh," Mimi says, still trying to put her memories together, "Where's Stanley and Bonnie?" Darcy doesn't answer her and instead says that the nurse will be back in a minute. "Let me go get her," Darcy offers and turns to walk out. Mimi sits there for a minute, thinking. She calls Darcy back, "Wait, please -- where's Stanley?" Darcy resigns herself to being the bearer of tragic news to someone she doesn't even know. "Stanley's downstairs," Darcy says, walking back to Mimi's bedside. "And Bonnie?" Mimi asks. Darcy doesn't say anything. Mimi just stares at her quizzically until realization hits. She rears her head back in confusion and denial, the tears already coming. She shakes her head silently and then opens her mouth wide in horror as she turns to look sightlessly out her window. She turns her head back to look at Darcy and plead a whispered, "No!" Darcy chokes out that she's sorry. Mimi puts a hand up to her eyes and sobs. Darcy strokes her hair.

In a dark room in the Town Hall, Russell tells Heather what's been going on in New Bern. As soon as Beck determined that New Bern was the aggressor in the war, he put the town in a chokehold with curfews, military courts, and armed checkpoints. "The resistance came together soon after that," Russell explains. The other New Bernie sneers that they were one step ahead of Beck for weeks, but then all of a sudden he was on to them. Heather's jaw drops slightly. "Some of those 'tips' you've been giving Beck?" Russell clarifies. "They've been making things very difficult for us. They've cost us lives." Heather closes her eyes in reaction to this news. "The moment Constantino figured out it was you, he issued a bounty," Russell continues. Heather can't believe they're working with Constantino: "Russell, he's a murderer!" Russell knows that, but according to the other New Bernie, a lot of "reasonable" people are lining up behind Constantino, because Beck has left them no other alternative. "So, if you came to kill me, why am I still alive?" Heather asks. Russell says he came there to convince Heather to stop what she's doing for Beck. "And to bring back a little trophy," Russell adds. What? Her finger in a cotton lined box? Because I know how to fake that. "What kind of a trophy?" Heather asks suspiciously. "Goetz," Russell says. AW, YEAH!

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