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INTERCEPT: TWoP Blows Lennie James's Cover
K: Yeah, I really hope that with reality shows and reruns being the only options that this will help drive people to the show. LJ: Hope so, and I think that the way that they have Skeet's recap at the beginning of the first two episodes, leading you into it -- I've spoken to a few people who hadn't necessarily watched any or all of the first season and they've said that of the last seven that they could pick up and start watching from there, so I hope that that's true. By all accounts, people have been catching up in order to be ready for the new season, so that's good. K: What was the movie you went back to the U.K. to work on? LJ: It was a movie called Fallout, strangely enough, and it was a film version of a play I did at the Royal Court Theatre years ago. It was a character that I kind of helped create for the play, and when the movie came 'round, I got the chance to return to a character, which is something I've never really done, and also to do it in a different medium of movies. I think that's out spring of this year. K: When you're in L.A., are there any particular foods you miss from back home? LJ: My family are from the Caribbean, and I miss good West Indian cooking. And I cook mostly for the family and make as close to the food as possible. I'm finding places where you can get it in L.A., and even though it's not quite like home because the West Indian-Caribbean community here is not as large as it is back home, but it's getting there. K: There are certain food things I miss about England but it's mainly junk food like Cadbury Swiss Rolls and Battenberg. LJ: Yeah, I've got a friend in tomorrow who's coming over for a couple of days and he's bringing a kind of care package of stuff like that, but it's quite straightforward food-wise. Outside of family and friends and my football team -- my soccer team -- what I miss most is the Caribbean food. K: Who is your football team? LJ: My football team are Tottenham Hotspur, and I'm a season ticket holder. In London, I went every other week to the ground to see them play, and I miss that almost as much as family. But luckily a lot of the games have now got screened over here, so I don't miss it as much, but I do miss the live atmosphere of being in the ground and watching the guys run around. K: Thank you so much, you've been incredibly generous with your time. Good luck, we're going to be pulling for you guys.

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